Treating Low Progesterone Levels With Bio-Identical Progesterone

Generally speaking, low progesterone levels have given rise to the use of progesterone cream. Some such creams are made from synthesized versions of the hormone, yet it has been shown that only natural progesterone is absorbed by the body sufficiently to promise change and improvement.

Thus far, women have reported that the treatment of low progesterone levels offers a variety of benefits:

  • While those with a healthy sense of fertility awareness remember menstrual migraines, those who now notice skipped periods find that they suffer from severe headaches as well as menopausal symptoms most commonly associated with PMS.
  • Women whose vaginal hysterectomy, premature ovarian failure, or endometrial ablation have given rise to hormonal imbalance symptoms pointing toward estrogen dominance will most certainly be familiar with sudden weight gain, swelling of breasts and ankles, a sudden lack of sexual desire, and mood swings that suddenly factor into each and every area of life.
  • An overactive bladder as well as hot flashes, the most dreaded of all perimenopausal symptoms, are directly related to a sudden drop or natural testosterone and progesterone as well as low progesterone levels directly related to early menopause onset because of premature ovarian failure.

It is important for women contemplating a treatment of low progesterone levels with natural remedies to consider that some substances are not as safe as perhaps they would have hoped. Take for example black cohosh which undeservedly has received a reputation for helping perimenopausal women when used together with testosterone cream, when in fact the use of herbal extracts involving black cohosh is now being discouraged by those who have researched the claims of many a compounding pharmacy selling such creams and finding that progesterone deficiency cannot adequately be treated with an a la carte approach that involves some herbs, such as hawthorn flower, and some over the counter remedies for the most pressing of menopausal symptoms.

Generally speaking, treating low progesterone levels with bio-identical progesterone while at the same time protecting bone density – test results show that elemental calcium is vital for those who are undergoing natural or induced menopause – is quite possibly the safest and also simplest way of relieving all the less than desirable symptoms brought on by the hormonal imbalance. Sure, you can still go ahead and look to hormone replacement therapy, synthetic progesterone creams, and of course oral contraceptives for some help, but why would you? Instead, a serious course of research directed at the various safe and natural substances available has shown that those which incorporate not only bio-identical progesterone but also other ingredients aimed at regulating the other hormones which are unbalanced, have the highest levels of success. Hot Flash Freedom is perhaps the best known product on the market right now, and when perusing the list of ingredients, it becomes obvious rather quickly that it is the harmony of ingredients which makes for a successful blend of natural components.