When Premature Ovarian Failure Necessitates Natural Remedies for Menopausal Symptoms

A diagnosis of premature ovarian failure is a doubled edged sword of bad news: on the one hand a woman with a sense of heightened fertility awareness, perhaps in the hopes of conceiving a child, is suddenly plunged into the murky depths of accepting the reality that she is experiencing hormonal imbalance symptoms not because of an early pregnancy but because of early menopause symptoms, while on the other hand she faces a prolonged period of time dealing with the realities of unwanted menopausal symptoms. Compounding the realization that premature ovarian failure induced menopause spells additional risks not usually experienced by women who undergo menopause in their mid-life or as a consequence of endometrial ablation, vaginal hysterectomy, or simply skipped periods brought on by advanced age, many perimenopausal women who experience the fullness of perimenopausal symptoms – hot flashes, a decreased libido, an overactive bladder, a loss of elemental calcium evidenced during a bone density test, and extreme mood swings – also face other symptoms that very often present the causality of their premature ovarian failure.

Some of these symptoms may be as follows:

  • A heightened risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.
  • Blood work revealing hypothyroidism, autoimmune disorders, vulvar cancer, and genetic problems.
  • Decreased fertility and a general inability to procreate altogether.

Since women facing premature ovarian failure are usually much younger than those who experience menopausal symptoms naturally, hormone replacement therapy is not a good choice. Considering the fact that these therapies rely on a number of different creams and ointments, such as progesterone cream and testosterone cream, put together by a compounding pharmacy in an effort to supplement the addition of estrogen dominance establishing substances, it is not surprising that some women have opted out of the treatment regimen and instead looked to herbal extracts in the forms of black cohosh and hawthorn flower as well as natural progesterone, natural testosterone and other dietary supplements instead.

Unfortunately, several of these herbal extracts have been connected with elevated progesterone deficiency as well as pains akin to menstrual migraines and even a heightened risk of breast cancer. Fortunately, women suffering from premature ovarian failure no longer have to also suffer through the menopausal symptoms associated with this disorder by simply relying on a natural compound named Hot Flash Freedom which combines safe natural ingredients into a mix that alleviates the most commonly experienced effects bought on by the hormonal imbalances experienced. While sadly there is no cure for premature ovarian failure, the fact that women faced with this ailment no longer have to worry about compounding their risks for other health problems simply by seeking relief from the most bothersome symptoms of menopause is a small – albeit welcome – consolation for many a newly diagnosed sufferer.