Reasons for Premature Menopause

Premature menopause is the gradual decline of reproductive hormones in a woman’s body before the age of 40. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the event, the symptoms of pre menopause may come about gradually or with all of the intensity of a typhoon wave. There is a high likelihood that the woman’s doctor will give her a test for menopause before beginning treatment. While the symptoms and results of menopause are the same, it often has a more pronounced emotional effect on the younger woman. Here are a few of the risk factors for premature menopause.

  • genetic disposition
  • socioeconomic status and poor nutrition
  • medical complications

At the first sign of early menopause one of the first questions a doctor will ask is the age of onset for significant women in the patient’s life. In other words, he or she will want to know when menopause occurred for the mother, grandmother, aunts, and sisters of the affected young woman. No one is sure why certain genetic markers cause premature menopause. In some cases, the symptoms and outcome can be postponed for a bit, but menopause treatments are almost always needed.

Unrelated to genetic makeup, a woman’s socioeconomic station in life can have bearing on the occurrence of early menopause onset. Experts attribute this phenomenon to less information on health care and a lack of good nutrition. Depending on the severity of the poverty, sanitation and inadequate medical care throughout a woman’s life can have significant bearing on how long her body will remain fertile. Woman in this situation often have a difficult time getting quality menopause therapy.

The last common group of women to experience premature menopause are those with disorders and diseases of the reproductive system. Cancers of the cervix, uterus, and breasts can lead to necessary surgeries that will rob a younger woman of her fertility before its time. Certain STDs, left untreated for too long are also responsible for early menopause. Disorders like endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease are culprits as well. In other words, any condition or disease that facilitates the necessity of a woman surgically losing her ovaries leads to early onset of menopause.

Whether a woman is experiencing premature menopause or regular time onset, she is likely to need some help dealing with the often unpleasant symptoms. Hot Flash Freedom is an all natural progesterone cream designed to provide relief from these problems. It is effective for menopause night sweats, hot flashes, and the other irritating symptoms of menopause.