Natural Menopause Remedies

While the ideas and success of natural menopause remedies isn’t new, in recent history, more and more women are choosing to avoid the synthetic hormones and chemicals in hormone replacement therapy and find menopause symptom relief in other forms. Much of this menopause wisdom has come down to us through the generations from a variety of countries and cultures. Long before the beginning of modern medicine, women had their own system for controlling the change of life. If you are interested in taking care of yourself in this way, here are a few of the advantages you have to look forward to.

  • no adverse chemical side effects
  • shorter adjustment times
  • understand what you are putting into your body

Hormone replacement therapy or HRT as it is known, has helped millions of women. No one is trying to dispute that. However some studies have suggested that using those synthetic hormones may not be the healthiest approach. Higher incidences of breast and cancers of the reproductive system are cited as the reason. The findings are still considered inconclusive and HRT is available, but many women are choosing to err on the side of caution and pick other alternative treatment methods.

If you know someone who has gone on HRT, the chances are good that she had quite the adjustment period. With hormone replacement therapy, the doctor has to work closely with the patient to find the right dosage and combination of medications to relieve the symptoms. This can sometimes take a long time, while the patient continues to struggle with the side effects of menopause. In addition to this drawback, women sometimes experience negative side effects to the artificial hormones.

When asked, many women who use alternative methods for menopause treatment cite their reason to understand what is going into their body. Menopause wild yam treatments, like progesterone cream are popular. They naturally duplicate the body’s natural hormones. Certain menopause teas are beneficial as well. Some scientists have conducted studies that suggest proper use of menopause vitamin therapy is immensely helpful as well.

Your choice of menopause care is a personal decision. It’s up to you to decide what is best for your life and body. Natural menopause remedies are there to help control your symptoms if you choose. Hot Flash Freedom is an example of one progesterone cream users claim is incredibly helpful. Finding natural menopause relief is one of the safest things you can do in treating your menopause symptoms.