Perimenopause Treatment Options

To even begin to consider your perimenopause treatment options, it is important to first as much as you can about this change of life. Many women find themselves facing menopause without the necessary information to make informed decisions about their treatment and how to maintain good health during this crucial time. As hormones show a decrease in menopause there are many symptoms that you will need to control for your comfort and ease of transition. Just to get started, here are a few of the perimenopause possibilities you may face.

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Many women erroneously believe that pregnancy is impossible during the two to eight years that make up perimenopause. Since a normally menstrualating woman only has a 20% chance of conceiving per month, your chances of getting pregnant aren’t tremendous, but it is possible. Your doctor and medical team should be able to instruct you in the proper care for you and the baby. Depending on how far menopause has progressed at the time of conception, this possibility may not have the happiest outcome.

Leaving the unlikelihood of pregnancy behind, there are more likely menopause symptoms that will appear. You may find that sleeping well is difficult due to night sweats. There is also the possibility of hot flashes during the day. Due to the lack of insufficient rest, you may find yourself feeling depressed and moody as well. All of these symptoms are normal and not necessarily cause for tremendous alarm, however there are treatment options available to make the situation more livable. Natural menopause remedies are growing in popularity as women are choosing to avoid potentially harmful synthetic hormone replacements.

Of the natural means of controlling menopause symptoms, progesterone cream is leading the pack of products. This cream is made from the extract of wild yam. This is beneficial as it produces bio identical hormone replacements that are easier on the body than chemical based versions. This type of product is excellent for reestablishing your sex drive, limiting hot flashes, and restoring energy levels.

For a perimenopause treatment that will be effective from the first signs of menopause through post menopause symptoms, consider Hot Flash Freedom. It is a progesterone cream that delivers all of the benefits of wild yams. You could also choose to use this product in addition to taking advantage of soy and menopause relief methods.