The Best All Natural Remedy for Hot Flashes and Menopause Symptoms

Safe Relief:

This amazing breakthrough formula delivers its bio-identical “helpers” directly into your blood stream. It contains no paraben. Unlike synthetic hormones, this bio-identical breakthrough is easily and safely assimilated by your body.

Effective Relief:

With this amazing health breakthrough, you can start seeing results in a matter of days. Susan Elder, for instance, reports that she went from many hot flashes per day to nearly none within just a few days of using this amazing breakthrough formula.

After about 2 weeks I began to notice the severity as well as the number of hot flashes per day had decreased dramatically

I had been suffering from severe Hot Flashes for over 3 years, and nothing my doctors were doing was helping. I felt so tired, sick, old; just plain worn out, and had no sexual desires whatsoever. After finally doing some research of my own I realized that stress was probably contributing to my hot flashes.

I found your product and started using it twice a day. After about 2 weeks I began to notice the severity as well as the number of hot flashes per day had decreased dramatically. I have now been using Hot Flash Freedom for about a year, and while I still have an occasional hot flash this is nothing compared to what I was dealing with before. This product works, and has made a huge difference in my life.

I has also suffered from “tingling and numbness” of scalp and side of face. This was extremely annoying and would sometimes accompany the headaches. Since using Hot Flash Freedom that problem is also a thing of the past – thank goodness.

K Thompson, San Diego, CA

Dear Menopausal Sister:

If you’re a woman between your late 40s and mid-60s…if you’re already being tormented by hot flashes and night sweats…

If uncontrollable mood swings are making your life a living hell…if those mood swings are robbing you of a good relationship with your family and friends…

If, lately, your libido has been decreasing…if you feel like you’re being cheated out of a good, relaxing night’s sleep…and if like most women entering menopause, you’re worried about bone loss and sudden weight gain then this amazing health breakthrough, “secretly” used by over 2000 health professionals in their practices, can help relieve the major pains related to your being in the menopause phase of your life.

In fact, if you really want relief from hot flashes and night sweats, you’ll be really interested in the following story.

For several years, C. Davis, from Fayetteville, Tennessee, was tormented by severe hot flashes, and night sweats that were keeping her from the sleep she desperately needed. She had to get off of hormone medication prescribed by her doctor because she was afraid of the side-effects, mainly cancer.

And yet, she couldn’t find a good natural alternative to the medication she had to give up. No wonder her life was going downhill very fast. For instance, she would take a shower and dry off, then a few minutes later she would be soaking wet

Her night sweats were robbing her of sleep. She would wake up soaking wet all the time. But one day, her life totally changed, when her own research brought her in contact with an amazing health breakthrough.

Here are a Few of the Delightful Changes that this Amazing Health Breakthrough Helped Bring to Her Life.

  • C. Davis reports that she still has a few warm ups during the day, but they subside quickly.
  • C. Davis reports there is a 90% improvement in her night sweats. She can now sleep most nights all night.
  • C. Davis reports equally that she’s happier… she feels much better… and she’s even lost a few pounds because she’s able to walk and exercise more frequently.
  • And most importantly, in this critical time in her life, when many women start giving up on their beauty, she’s regained new interest in herself… she cares about herself again, her looks, her life.

When I tell my other friends about C. Davis’ story, they usually ask me, “What is this amazing health breakthrough? Why does it help so much?”

And to answer their questions, here’s what I say…

Announcing Hot Flash Freedom, A Unique, Natural Health Breakthrough, That Supports Both Sex and Stress Hormones, Helps Relieve Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Here Are The Ingredients In Hot Flash Freedom And How They Help You Fight The Symptoms Of Menopause

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Can free bound (unusable) hormones so the body can better utilize them. Can also cause and increase in the intensity of orgasm in women.

Botanical Extracts: Helps normalize and strengthen sexual, physical, and mental function.

DHEA: Anti-aging effect, helps buffer stress, and may also help to control weight.

Muira Puama: Can help the body adapt to stress and support fatigue and the central nervous system. Practitioners are commonly using it for impotence, depression, menstrual cramps and PMS, nerve pain, and central nervous system disorders.

Pregnenolone: Helps stress conditions, fatigue and promotes a greater sense of well being.

Progesterone (Bio-identical):They improve memory and cognitive ability. Progesterone is thermogenic, raising the core temperature. It reduces spasms and relaxes and smoothes muscle tone.

Hot Flash Freedom

Here’s why Hot Flash Freedom works so well for women going through menopause:

As you enter menopause, your body decreases its production of female sex hormones. One of the female sex hormones that is most decreased is estrogen.

Thus, as you enter menopause, your body becomes deficient in estrogen. As a result of this decrease, you have hormone imbalance. And it is this hormone imbalance that leads to the many stressful and painful symptoms of menopause. But it gets more complicated…

Not only is there a decrease in normal balance of sex hormones, but stress hormones also get into the picture. The stress hormones cause an erosion of the sex hormones, and they amplify the problems tied to the natural decrease in sex hormones, caused by menopause.

And this is where the same amazing health breakthrough, used by C. Davis and recommended by over 2000 physicians nationwide, can help you. This amazing health breakthrough is called Hot Flash Freedom. It was specifically formulated to help support both sex and stress hormones.

…And Hot Flash Freedom is totally natural. It is made of bio-identical ingredients. These bio-identical ingredients are safe for you to use because your body can process them as if they were produced by your body itself.

Hot Flash Freedom uses a patented technology to deliver its ingredients straight into your blood stream, just by applying the cream to your skin. This allows for total absorption of the key ingredients.

This new technology makes Hot Flash Freedom totally different (and more advanced) than any other formula on the market.

As I said, the ingredients are totally natural. They’re bio-identical, and they won’t pile up in the fatty tissue of your skin to increase water retention and weight gain.

How This Advanced Formula Is Safer and More Effective
Than The Typical Progesterone Cream

Progesterone creams can help get some relief from hot flashes and night sweats. However, there are two major problems with progesterone creams.

Hot Flash Freedom Is Easy To Use

For best results, apply 1/4 tsp once or twice daily upon rising and at bedtime to soft areas of the skin (upper chest, inner wrist or upper arm). Rub cream thoroughly into skin and alternate application area every other day. Results may vary depending on severity.

Non-Menstruating: You may start using Hot Flash Freedom™ anytime. Use daily.

Menstruating: You may start using Hot Flash Freedom™ anytime after day 7 of your cycle. Discontinue use during the 6 days of your menses.

Stress plays an important role in hormonal imbalance and yet, to our knowledge, no progesterone cream tries to help balance the stress hormones. Most progesterone creams neglect stress hormones.

And this is where Hot Flash Freedom brings you superior results. Ingredients such as DHEA help fight the stress hormones at the cellular level. Because Hot Flash Freedom supports the balance of Stress Hormones, Hot Flash Freedom not only reduces those stress hormones, but also helps to balance out your sex hormones as well.

And here’s the second major problem with most creams. It has to do with safety.

Most of the creams are topical. Most of these creams use an inexpensive oil cosmetic base. The oil is absorbed into the fat cells, and months after you stop using these topical creams, their oils can still be found in body tissues. And you don’t want that.

In contrast, Hot Flash Freedom is not topical, it is “transdermal”. It uses a unique, patented technology. This technology guarantees that the ingredients are delivered directly into your blood stream, without the use of that lingering oil base.

Thus, Hot Flash freedom offers you greater safety and greater absorption of ingredients than most creams on the market.

Why This Amazing Health Breakthrough Is Safer and More Effective Than Hormone Replacement Therapy

What A Post-Menopausal Woman Says: “Ten days later I realized that I was actually sleeping all night long without waking up 3 to 4 times with night sweats.”

I am a postmenopausal gal of 62 who has night sweats that could keep a watermelon patch happy! While visiting family in Kentucky recently, I was given a jar of Hot Flash Freedom to try. And I gotta tell you . . . I was very skeptical!

Ten days later, I realized that I was actually sleeping all night long without waking up 3 to 4 times with night sweats. And all it took was twice daily applying a small amount of Hot Flash Freedom cream to a soft part of my body (inner arms, sides, etc.).

Now my jar sits right beside my toothbrush . . . but I’m so pleased with the results that I don’t need to be reminded. Thank you for giving me back a good night’s sleep!

Joanie M. Phoenix, AZ

Yes, hormone replacement therapy will help you fight hot flashes and night sweats.

But at what cost? You see, the side-effects of hormone replacement therapy are numerous.

For instance, hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of thrombosis (a dangerous health issue in which blood clots block arteries), heart attacks, and gall bladder disease. Worst of all, hormone replacement therapy may increase the risks of breast cancer and endometrial cancer. The use of only estrogen promotes the growth of cells that make up the lining of the uterus.

As this growth continues, it can turn into abnormal growth of the endometrium and this can lead to early malignant endometrial cancer.

It would be wrong to expose ourselves to such deadly diseases while trying to control hot flashes, night sweats, and other symptoms associated with our entering menopause and in this regard, Hot Flash Freedom offers you two superior advantages.

The first advantage is this: Because Hot Flash Freedom helps support both sex and stress hormones, it offers more help than the typical hormone replacement therapy.

And here’s the second superior advantage: Thanks to the science behind Hot Flash Freedom, the ingredients are safely delivered in sufficient amounts to help fight the major symptoms of menopause because the ingredients are bio-identical, and the body is able to use them easily.

There is no doubt about it: Hot Flash Freedom is safer than hormone replacement therapy.

Compared To The Many Health Benefits This Amazing Health Breakthrough Will Bring To Your Life, Its Price Is A Real Bargain. Here’s Why…

  • Would you invest $1.33 a day in yourself to avoid having to suffer from hot flashes?
  • Do you think it would be a bargain, if for $1.33 a day, you could go back to being able to sleep fully without waking up soaking wet?

And it gets even better.

  • How about the sweet assurance of knowing that you no longer have to worry about hormone overdoses that could cause cancer? As you know, because Hot Flash Freedom is made of bio-identical ingredients, and because its technology delivers the ingredients straight into your blood stream, you don’t have to worry of trading hot flashes for cancer.
  • How much is that kind of peace of mind worth to you and your family and those who love you and depend on you?


  • When Hot Flash Freedom starts helping make your life better… when Hot Flash Freedom starts making this transition easier, less painful, less rocky, you’ll agree that Hot Flash Freedom is one of the greatest bargains of your life.

So how much does this amazing health breakthrough cost?

  • Your investment in bettering your health, in fighting hot flashes and night sweats, and the other numerous menopause-triggered pains… is only $39.97.
  • Just $39.97, far less than you’d pay for dinner for two at a good restaurant. And yet, this small investment can change your life.

And it gets even better. Your small investment of $39.97 is totally irrelevant, because of the unconditional money-back guarantee Hot Flash Freedom comes with…

365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If You’re Not Thrilled With The Results You Get From Hot Flash Freedom, We’ll Graciously Refund You All Your Money

”I went from two per day to nearly none.”

I am a 46 year old woman and for the past 18 months have been enduring increasing hot flashes, accompanied by headaches and feeling like I going to faint at the peak. Then brief periods of extreme exhaustion on it lessens. My doctor hesitated to give me a viable treatment due to my enzyme levels showing me to only be pre-menopausal.

I wish someone would have explained that to my body! I was given Hot Flash Freedom after having a severe hot flash episode and although I thought there was no way a natural topical cream could help, I also knew that couldn’t hurt. A rash is the worse that can happen I thought, so why not? I did not realize until I had a mild episode that I really had not had an episode in 9 days. I went from two per day to nearly none.

I never want to be a living inferno again. Thanks so much,

– Susan Elder, Kentucky

If within days of using Hot Flash Freedom, you don’t feel you’re getting relief from hot flashes, then we urge you to ask for all your money back.

  • If within days of using Hot Flash Freedom, you don’t experience fewer night sweats, then we’ll gladly give you all your money back
  • If, as your hormonal balance keeps on improving, you don’t start feeling more interested in life, less apt to get depressed, then we will give you your money back
  • If, within days of using Hot Flash Freedom, you don’t start enjoying better, longer, more rejuvenating night’s sleep, then we’re giving you your money back
  • If, slowly but surely, you don’t feel that your libido is increasing…that you’re regaining physical interest in your partner…if your body doesn’t feel more interested in lovemaking, then ask for your money back
  • If for any reason or for no reason, you’re not totally delighted with the new results, the new improvements Hot Flash Freedom is bringing about in your life–If you don’t feel that Hot Flash Freedom helps make the transition easier, less rocky, less painful–if you’re having doubts about its effectiveness and its safety, we will refund all your money.

Just let us know, and your money will be promptly refunded. No questions asked.

With such a generous guarantee of satisfaction, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We make such a generous guarantee because … “Why should you suffer so much when there is a potent product that is proven to help deliver the relief.”

It is my duty and my mission in life, to tell other women about this amazing health breakthrough—besides those other lucky ones who, through their enlightened doctors, have already got to use this amazing health breakthrough.

So we shoulder all the risks in the transaction. We shoulder all the risks to make it easy for you to try this product. All we ask is: Test our our promises at our expense.

Test Our Promises At Our Expense

Yes, to make it even easier to give Hot Flash Freedom a try, we’re willing to pay for shipping and handling.

In fact, if you will take action right now and get your jar of Hot Flash Freedom today, you save $6.95 in shipping cost.

And you still have the same unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

  • If You Want Safe, Effective, and Affordable Relief From Hot Flashes and Night Sweats…
  • If You Want To Balance Your Hormone Levels Naturally…
  • And Stay Away From Risky Hormone Replacement Therapy…

”After using Hot Flash Freedom for a few months, my sexual desires as well as natural body functions have not only returned, but also are far greater that ever before.”

I have been using Hot Flash Freedom progesterone cream for approximately 6 months. This cream has “saved my life”. The results of using Hot Flash Freedom have been dramatic for me. I had a partial hysterectomy September 2004. Immediately following this surgery, I developed terrible ocular migraine headaches and constipation.

My doctors could do nothing to help me – and progesterone supplementation was never mentioned to me. Through research of my own, and internet web sites, I found your company and began using Hot Flash Freedom. The headaches ceased almost immediately.

I has also suffered from “tingling and numbness” of scalp and side of face. This was extremely annoying and would sometimes accompany the headaches. Since using Hot Flash Freedom that problem is also a thing of the past – thank goodness. I felt so tired, sick, old; just plain worn out, and had no sexual desires whatsoever.

After using Hot Flash Freedom for a few months, my sexual desires as well as natural body functions have not only returned, but also are far greater that ever before. It is amazing what this cream has done for me. I call it my “miracle cure” and could never be without it. I am so thankful to your company for making such wonderful products available to women such as myself. It is comforting to know that there are knowledgeable people there who can answer my questions and provide helpful, reliable information.

I never want to be a living inferno again. Thanks so much,

J Valentine, Stormville, NY

You Need To Take Action Right Now

You’re in a unique position in your life today.

On one hand, you can let this opportunity slip you by. You can accept to continue living with the pain of hot flashes. You can accept a fate of night sweats that rob you of rejuvenating sleep.

You can continue losing your sleep, waking up tired, exhausted, and in a bad mood. You can accept the mood swings. You can accept to live the next few years with all the discomfort, all the emotional distress triggered by menopause.

You can accept to be robbed of your desire for lovemaking because menopause is shutting down your sensations…

Or You Can Decide to Take Charge of Your Life by Putting Your Doubts Aside for a Short While and Give This Wonderful Product a Try

You are just a risk-free try away to see if, perhaps, this product will help bring the better life that you know you deserve.


  • Imagine the joy that would be yours when a few short weeks from now, you’re no longer tormented by hot flashes. How great would it feel to get fewer and fewer hot flashes? How great would it feel to get less intense hot flashes? Wouldn’t such relief make your life better?
  • Imagine not having to worry about night sweats any more.
  • Then imagine the rejuvenating night sleep that awaits you, every night, all night… when you stop sweating profusely, so profusely that it keeps you awake. Imagine, now, experiencing better sleep.
  • Imagine, as your body is able to naturally, restore a proper balance, your libido starts increasing. Imagine the smile it will put on your face and on your partner’s face. Imagine, intimacy, yours to enjoy again.
  • Imagine, as your body is able to regain its normal level of hormone balance, tension and anxiety starts going away. Life becomes more enjoyable.
  • Imagine, as your body regains normal hormone balance, your problems with concentration and focus start becoming a thing of the past. Claim back your ability to think clearly.
  • Imagine not having to worry about the deadly side-effects of hormone replacement therapy anymore. You no longer have to take the risks of cancer and other deadly diseases that hormone replacement therapy can trigger. What a relief. Ah, the peace of mind.
  • Imagine not having to worry about ingredients staying in the fatty tissues and causing water retention and weight gain. Now you know: with the unique technology in Hot Flash Freedom, you get total absorption of the bio-identical ingredients.
  • Imagine a brand-new life. This better life is yours, if you will act today.

Don’t put this off, if you’re serious about finding relief from hot flashes and night sweats and other symptoms caused by menopause.

You have absolutely nothing to lose with our 365-Day Full Money Back Guarantee.

If you’re not thrilled with the results you’re getting, your money will be promptly refunded. No questions asked.

Act Now

Use Hot Flash Freedom™ and get “Back to Normal”
It’s Not Just a Promise …It’s a Guarantee!

Don’t Just Try Hot Flash Freedom™…Commit to it.
You Will Be Totally Satisfied or We Will Refund Your Money…

You will be surprised at how quickly and effectively this product works helping support unbalanced sex and stress levels associated with Menopause, PMS, and other hormone related problems.