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USP Progesterone Cream

What exactly can a progesterone cream USP do for you? Let’s take a look at this alternative treatment for hormonal imbalance. You should never make a medical decision uninformed. It is important to be aware of your options. The medical community is unlikely to give you the information you need about viable treatments that don’t  … Read more

Some Side Effects of Progesterone Loss

If you are a woman, you have probably heard something about the side effects of progesterone loss. Unfortunately many doctors and other medical health care professionals are often vague about what this means exactly. Some women think it is only a problem for menopausal women, while others walk around oblivious to the condition until it  … Read more

The Advantages of Natural Estrogen Cream

As you pop yet another pill it may be helpful to learn what other women are saying about natural estrogen cream. This cream is more than a moisturizer and more convenient than a regimen of strict pill taking. Many women have decided that they want something different from their hormone imbalance treatment and progesterone creams  … Read more

Making a Pro Gest Cream Part of Your Routine

It’s a complicated thing to be a woman. With make up, hair, and wardrobe to be constantly worried about, who has time to be concerned about pro gest body cream? Seriously, the ladies have more important things to occupy their time. There isn’t enough time in the day to attend to your nails and suntan.  … Read more

No Progesterone Cream Side Effects

Have you been asked if you are concerned about progesterone cream side effects yet? There are many misconceptions in the media about how safe and effective this alternative treatment for hormone imbalance is. It is always a good idea to carefully research any product you plan to use for your health before use. That goes  … Read more

How to Use Progesterone Cream

When you consider how simple it is to learn how to use progesterone cream, it’s a wonder anyone sticks with hormone replacement therapy. That’s not to say that HRT doesn’t have its uses, it’s just that so many women are taking their health into their own hands and choosing not to rely on prescription drugs  … Read more

Phytoestrogen Cream

Many people are under the assumption that the only time a woman would need a phytoestrogen cream is during menopause. This assumption is incorrect. Anytime there is a hormonal imbalance, regulating those hormones is very important to a woman’s health. Pregnancy, birth control, as well as menopause, are all times when it may be necessary  … Read more

The Benefits of Progesterone Cream

There are many women with hormonal imbalances that would prefer to use a progesterone cream as opposed to the traditional hormone replacement therapy. Problems and challenges abound when it comes to drugs and replacing progesterone. First of all, it may take months to get the correct dosage and type of therapy for each individual woman.  … Read more

Combating Progesterone Acne and Other Symptoms

When you are dealing with the side effects of progesterone loss, progesterone acne is just one of your problems. It is amazing how many different normal bodily functions are affected by imbalanced hormones. For generations, it was thought that women’s complaints about their health were all in their heads or just a way to get  … Read more

Progesterone Cream USP

When you see the phrase progesterone cream usp on a tube or container of cream, you know you are dealing with a more natural approach to hormone replacement therapy. More and more women are making the choice to naturally treat their progesterone imbalance. There are a lot of very good reasons for choosing to reestablish  … Read more