It is not unusual for women to have unwanted or increased symptoms when they first start the cream. However, this is good news! It means that the product is starting to take effect and your body is just trying to adjust and normalize to the changes beginning to take place. It also may be that your body is more sensitive to the product than others and in the end will give you better results! These symptoms will last temporarily and most times these symptoms will stop almost at once (including your menopausal ones). If Hot Flash Freedom causes any of these symptoms, simply reduce the amount to half of the recommended dosage on the label for a few days until your body gets used to getting what it needs in order for the hormones to balance out. Then begin to increase steadily to the normal dosage again. If a woman is stranded on an island and starved for 30 days and then is given a steak dinner to eat, her body will have problems with the dietary intake in much the same way (Too much too quickly). So, cut the amount of use and gradually increase the amount to normal after a few days. Simply use your good judgment. You know best. If symptoms continue for more than a few days, call your physician.

Collect 1/4 teaspoon of Hot Flash Freedom Cream from the jar, on your finger or small scoop. Apply the proper amount to the appropriate area (See reverse side) using your fingertips. Apply a thin layer over the area(s); continue to rub the cream into the skin until it disappears.

Recommended Areas for Hot Flash Freedom Menopause Creme Application

Transdermal Cream Application
These are the most beneficial areas that are convenient for your application. You may apply Hot Flash Freedom to any of these areas. You may also divide the dose to more than one area. By dividing the area, you may get better absorption and faster penetration of the creme. However, you do not need to cover all the areas with each application.

Reminder: Do not use more than the recommended dose.