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Understanding Early Menopause

Menopause can be a scary and confusing time. Lots of things are happening to your body that you may not understand. When menopause starts early, called premature menopause, it can be even more confusing! Menopause is defined as the absence of menstrual periods for 12 consecutive months.  Typically, Menopause is brought on by age, as  … Read more

The Four Steps of Finding Herbal Menopause Relief That Works

If you have been diagnosed with the symptoms of early menopause following a vaginal hysterectomy, menopausal symptoms in addition to skipped periods, hormonal imbalance symptoms as may be experienced due to premature ovarian failure, induced menopause, or progesterone deficiency, or simply have been told that you are displaying perimenopausal symptoms in keeping with your age,  … Read more

What Is Early Menopause?

Menopause is the body’s natural progression through age. After the child bearing years your body will naturally lower the hormone levels and you will start to go into early menopause and eventually full menopause. Some of the symptoms of early natural menopause are: Decreased menstrual cycles Unpredictable menstrual cycles Weight gain The fact that none  … Read more

4 Tests To Determine If You Are Experiencing Early Age Menopause

No woman who has even the most rudimentary sense of fertility awareness wants to be told that she might be experiencing early age menopause. After all, there are other reasons for an overactive bladder, skipped periods, a complete lack of menstrual migraines, and a diagnosed progesterone deficiency and not all of them point to early  … Read more

Undergoing Menopause? Women’s Health Experts Tips for Relief

If whether you notice the onset of early menopause symptoms, such as and overactive bladder or skipped periods, or had recent blood work done that indicated a lack of natural progesterone, or perhaps even noticed some hormonal imbalance symptoms such as overactive sweat glands, mood swings, and hot flashes, the odds are good that several  … Read more

Why Taking Progesterone Can Spell Trouble

If you are one of the millions of perimenopausal women who have been diagnosed with menopausal symptoms, the odds are good that you have also been made aware of the need to supplement your natural progesterone levels. By and large, there are a number of reasons why taking progesterone is indicated: You underwent an endometrial  … Read more

Meeting the Symptoms of Perimenopause Head On

Perimenopause is a time in the life of the human female that is fraught with changes, challenges, and also vulnerability. While it is sometimes confused as referring only to the time immediately preceding the actual menopause when counted with the duration of time that the actual change itself occurs, the facts are different in that  … Read more

Menopausal Women Want Natural Relief from Hot Flashes

The reasons for menopause are plentiful: An endometrial ablation or vaginal hysterectomy may have induced menopause, no matter what the age of the woman. Skipped periods and a sudden lack of menstrual migraines are the first perimenopausal symptoms of women who enter the middle of life. Premature ovarian failure suddenly causes early menopause symptoms. Whatever  … Read more

Oral Contraceptives: New Hormone Therapy for Perimenopausal Women

In the past, women who suddenly noticed a lack of menstrual migraines and skipped periods knew that there was a bodily change afoot. Similarly, women who underwent an endometrial ablation or vaginal hysterectomy and suddenly noticed that they experienced hot flashes, an overactive bladder, extreme mood swings and other perimenopausal symptoms understood that it was  … Read more

Do You Understand The Symptoms Of Menopause?

Every woman will inevitably go through menopause. Knowing what the symptoms are will help you to understand how to treat them. Not every woman will experience the same symptoms, and the degree will vary depending how quickly your hormone levels change. There are a few major symptoms pertaining to menopausal and perimenopausal women that almost  … Read more