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Beating Hot Flushes the Natural Way

Hot flushes are a natural part of menopause. Of course, being a natural part of menopause doesn’t make hot flushes any more tolerable. Hot flashes, natural or not, are an uncomfortable part of life, but they can be treated. Hot flushes occur in your body as a result of changing hormones. Your brain’s thermostat reacts  … Read more

Menopause Hot Flashes Explained

Estrogen is a fascinating hormone. From the part it plays in puberty to the help it gives in creating life, it is an amazing substance to study. Menopause hot flashes are related to this interesting hormone. It is hard to believe, but the hot flashes that you experience during menopause are the result of the  … Read more

What is a Hot Flash?

You have probably heard the term hot flash a million times, but unless you have experienced menopause hot flashes, chances are you don’t really understand what a true hot flash is. This article will help you to understand: What causes hot flashes How to treat hot flashes How to reduce hot flashes A hot flash  … Read more

Hot Flashes: Some Interesting Statistics

If you have never suffered from hot flashes, it is pretty easy to think that they are no big deal. However, if you are one of the 85% of women that experience a hot flash during menopause, you would not agree with this assessment. Hot flashes are caused by changes in estrogen. While most hot  … Read more