The Four Steps of Finding Herbal Menopause Relief That Works

If you have been diagnosed with the symptoms of early menopause following a vaginal hysterectomy, menopausal symptoms in addition to skipped periods, hormonal imbalance symptoms as may be experienced due to premature ovarian failure, induced menopause, or progesterone deficiency, or simply have been told that you are displaying perimenopausal symptoms in keeping with your age, health, and overall bodily limitations, you are most likely looking for ways to deal with the discomfort that accompanies your new stage of life. Undoubtedly you are suffering from hot flashes, an overactive bladder, the lack of menstrual migraines perimenopausal women exchange for the anxiety over new found fertility awareness, and of course an inability to concentrate for extended periods of time.

While all of these symptoms are hard to deal with one at a time, the sheer volume of those which go hand in hand as well as the duration of them is sometimes more than a woman can handle. Doctors used to be quick to prescribe hormone therapy, yet in recent years the facts have shown that an increased risk of not only Alzheimer’s disease but also breast cancer as well as heart disease are directly related to these pharmacological substances. Thus, quite often physicians will now resort to the prescription of a cocktail of anti-depressants, blood pressure stabilizers, sleeping pills, and also elemental calcium supplementation. It is thus not surprising that women are looking to herbal menopause relief and there are four steps to take when you research this option:


  1. Do not fall for the claims of those that would sell you progesterone cream, testosterone cream, hawthorn flower pills, herbal extracts of unknown origins, or anything else that might be questionable such as black cohosh for the treatment of endometrial ablation. If a compounding pharmacy will not give you a list of ingredients and their functions, then you are not dealing with a reputable company. 2.
  2. Unless you want your exasperated partner to ask for a paternity test when you find yourself pregnant even though you claim to seek menopausal relief, be certain that the natural progesterone suppositories you are using are really for menopausal relief and not offer the relief simply as a by-product when the main cause of action is to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Understand what an herbal supplement is designed to do in the first place, not as a side-effect. 3.
  3. Make sure you ask questions if you have been diagnosed with estrogen dominance, had an abnormal bone density test, or are considering the use of natural testosterone. Find out what the side effects of the herbal relief are and then take a printout of ingredients to your doctor. 4. Last but not least, rely only on reputable companies and products, such as Hot Flash Freedom, for your health and do not purchase anything from fly by night websites that make great claims but have very little with which to back up their claims.