Why Natural Menopause Treatments- Safer Than Hormone Therapy

Who has not heard of hormone therapy? Going hand in hand with elemental calcium to keep the results of the bone density test normal, it is said to also relieve the dreaded hot flashes, overactive bladder, hormonal imbalance symptoms such as depression and anxiety, and also deal with a host of other menopausal symptoms including sexual discomfort. Yet in recent decades the use of hormone therapy has come under fire by those who have linked it to an increased risk of breast cancer and also heart disease.

Physicians share the concerns, and thus have begun to suggest other hormone replacement therapies, such as the use of naturally occurring hormones. Very often this leads to the sale of progesterone cream to perimenopausal women and also herbal extracts to those whose fertility awareness leads them to seek for a reversal of premature ovarian failure. Yet in this very change there also lie a number of dangers. First and foremost, some substances that are considered natural, such as black cohosh, open up a world of problems of their own, and the patient will need to be very careful before using any natural remedies at all! Similarly, early menopause brought on by a vaginal hysterectomy, induced menopause as a result of autoimmune disorders, and perimenopausal symptoms that are the results of progesterone deficiency will not all respond well to the same treatment regimens.

Yet in spite of the bad press natural menopause treatment options periodically receive, there are plenty of reasons why they can be a lot safer than hormone therapy:

  • Melatonin is a safe and natural substance that will help to counteract the sleeplessness patients experience due to a lack of estrogen. Dominance of natural progesterone may also be a contributory factor to the levels of anxiety women may experience during menopause, and by and large melatonin can make a difference.
  • Unless you are suffering from the after effects of endometrial ablation, your natural testosterone should not be affected, and thus you should refrain from testosterone cream and other mixes an online compounding pharmacy, or website that also specializes in the sale of paternity test kits, suggests. Instead, find a site that you can trust and that has a high level of accurate information displayed. Yet when you find a site that is genuine in its level of expertise, you will find unbiased suggestions as to the use of hawthorn flower, soy and other natural supplements that are well known to ease symptoms.
  • Last but not least, whenever possible, find a natural remedy that covers a multitude of symptoms. It is unrealistic to expect you to use five different creams, salves, tinctures, capsules, and pills for any duration of time, yet when you can find a substance that provides relief for five or more symptoms in once, such as Hot Flash Freedom, you not only have the benefit of natural menopause treatments, but also the ease of application which not only makes this a safer mode of treatment but also a much more convenient one.