Counteracting the Hormonal Effects of Early Signs of Menopause

It is interesting to note that many times menopause is treated like a pinpoint date before which there is little warning. Essentially it is by laymen considered to be a suddenly occurring event which has a limited duration after which all signs and symptoms once again cease. Naturally, this is entirely mistaken and many a woman has suffered needlessly because either her physician was ill informed as to the precise nature of menopausal symptoms, or she or he was not ready to admit to the onset of early menopause signs.

Whether brought on by a decrease of natural progesterone due to endometrial ablation, as part of an induced menopause because of a vaginal hysterectomy, or premature ovarian failure directly related to perimenopausal symptoms or progesterone deficiency, at the heart of any questions relating to early signs menopause is near are skipped periods or any change in the nature of the periods themselves.

  • Skipped periods are of course the first sign that a bodily change is imminent. Hormonal imbalance symptoms almost always express themselves in a sudden lack of menstruation. Fertility awareness plays a huge role in charting periods with respect to duration and onset, and thus this is the easiest event to notice for perimenopausal women who are either keeping a close eye on birth control or are attempting to get pregnant.
  • Estrogen dominance may also be lacking if you have more frequent but less severe periods, since this indicates stimulated follicles yet not enough estrogen to carry through a proper ovulation.
  • Periods that are unusually short as well as light are one of the early signs menopause is imminent simply because they point to an overall lack of estrogen that has already affected the formation of a healthy lining of the uterus and thus results in only a perfunctory sloughing of this lining.

Should your cycles evidence such irregularities, it is wise to visit your physician for detailed lab work. Advise her or him if you notice an overactive bladder, menstrual migraines, as for a bone density test and discuss the wisdom of using any supplements that might mimic natural testosterone. Counteracting the hormonal effects of the early signs menopause is advancing does not always have to mean you will find yourself in line getting a prescription for hormone replacement therapy medication filled, but instead there are several natural ways of dealing with them, including the use of natural progesterone.

  • Consider the use of a progesterone cream that will help introduce this hormone to your body if needed. The use of a testosterone cream will probably need to be limited unless your doctor specifically suggests it.
  • Do not go for over the counter substances you do not understand, such as black cohosh, hawthorn flower, elemental calcium, and herbal extracts prepared by a compounding pharmacy that also sells a paternity test kit. Generally these outfits do not specifically cater to those undergoing menopause.
  • Choose a provider for natural remedies that is open and up front with the ingredients in their products, such as Hot Flash Freedom.