Menopause and Estrogen Withdrawal

While progesterone cream is heavily utilized by women who are experiencing hormonal imbalance symptoms brought on by endometrial ablation, induced menopause due to vaginal hysterectomy, skipped periods pointing to early menopause, and progesterone deficiency directly related to premature ovarian failure and subsequent lack of fertility. Awareness of the hormonal imbalance has helped perimenopausal women to gain access to natural progesterone, yet it leaves estrogen withdrawal largely untreated and thus problematic to the woman dealing with a sudden imbalance that threatens to overtake her. Thus, it is not surprising that many women are not even aware that estrogen withdrawal is a very serious condition quite often related to the symptoms of menopause yet sometimes also experienced without the bodily change.

Several conditions have been associated with estrogen withdrawal:

  • Severe mood swings, deeper than usual depression, and also potentially self destructive tendencies.
  • Aggravation of pre-menopausal psychiatric conditions, such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.
  • Perimenopausal symptoms that mimic menstrual migraines in severity and frequency.

Unfortunately, there is no conclusive study evidence that links psychological disorders in measurable severity to a similarly measurable amount of estrogen withdrawal. Additionally, the fact that some women who undergo studies or tests concurrently take black cohosh to relieve hot flashes, herbal extracts to calm an overactive bladder, testosterone cream or natural testosterone to kick start a waning libido, and hawthorn flower to lower past indications of estrogen dominance has not permitted for the proper evaluation of menopause and estrogen withdrawal. Add to this that many a compounding pharmacy has marketed natural supplements that in some ways affect estrogen levels while at the same time seeking to improve results of a bone density test with elemental calcium, and there is no true way to measure the effects of estrogen withdrawal unless a woman is willing to forego any supplementation in order to record her findings. This will most likely precipitate a sudden drop in estrogen levels.

It may cause aggravations of a variety of symptoms while at the same time causing new presentations to arise, there are other concerns that may impact measurements of menopause and estrogen withdrawal:

  • Heart disease, strokes, increased cholesterol levels.
  • Enlargement of the ovaries, cysts, lesions, and cancerous growth of the reproductive organs, breast cancer or benign tumors.

While measurable effects may be desirable for the scientific community, menopausal women undergoing estrogen withdrawal should consider the use of a natural product, such as Hot Flash Freedom, which will gently restore the hormonal balance of your body without causing major disruption of your organic or cognitive functions. At the same time, you will find that your emotional health will not experience adverse effects brought on by a host of non-complementary natural compounds.