Symptoms of Early Menopause and Their Causes

In the human female, menopause is a natural phenomenon that ushers in the change her body undergoes as it lets go of the ability to reproduce, carry as well as bear children in favor of preparing the body of the second half of life. Generally speaking, women will experience this change when they reach their 45th year, yet some may still be fertile until their 55th year. Onset varies on an individual basis and heavily depends on the woman’s health, her lifestyle, habits, and other factors. While fertility awareness most certainly factors greatly in almost every woman’s life, some are shocked to discover that they are evidencing menopausal symptoms, such as an overactive bladder, skipped periods and even the dreaded hot flashes so often discussed by perimenopausal women.

If you notice that you might be displaying perimenopausal symptoms, or if you are concerned you may be dealing with early menopause, there is very likely the following cause and effect at work:

  • You underwent a vaginal hysterectomy, bilateral oophorectomy, removal of the uterus or even just the fallopian tubes which causes your natural testosterone and progesterone levels to diminish which leads to symptoms of early menopause.
  • Hormonal imbalance symptoms occur in the wake of polycystic ovarian syndrome which may also lead to a progesterone deficiency yet an overproduction of luteinizing hormone.
  • Premature ovarian failure for other reasons may be indicative as being connected to hypothyroid and hyperthyroid illnesses, heredity, and rheumatoid arthritis as well as cancer treatments.

Dealing with early menopause is often a double edged sword. Women affected by this condition neglect to mention symptoms to their partners or physicians and instead order progesterone cream or natural progesterone supplements, testosterone cream, black cohosh supplements, questionable herbal extracts, hawthorn flower tea and elemental calcium from the same companies and labs that offer at-home paternity test kits and know little, if anything, about the possibility of an endometrial ablation having gone bad, individuals confined to sheltered housing who are self-medicating without understanding the risks, or those who simply think that they are suffering from induced menopause when in fact other health risks are in play.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of early menopause and have seen your physician who has run a bone density test, and estrogen dominance test, as well as various hormonal tests, discuss the options available to you. You may find that natural products from a compounding pharmacy, such as Hot Flash Freedom from the company with the same name will provide you with the relief you need to get back to your normal self. Similarly, while you most likely did not look to natural help when dealing with menstrual migraines, there is no reason that you cannot find such aid when seeking relief from night sweats, weight gain and the lack of energy that accompanies early menopause.