Undergoing Menopause? Women’s Health Experts Tips for Relief

If whether you notice the onset of early menopause symptoms, such as and overactive bladder or skipped periods, or had recent blood work done that indicated a lack of natural progesterone, or perhaps even noticed some hormonal imbalance symptoms such as overactive sweat glands, mood swings, and hot flashes, the odds are good that several of these perimenopausal symptoms are uncomfortable, to say the least. While in the past many a doctor was quick to prescribe hormone replacement therapy, recent studies have caused physicians to ease away from the prescription pad and instead investigate the merits of herbal progesterone cream, hawthorn flower, and elemental calcium.

In addition to the foregoing for those undergoing early age menopause or traditional menopause, women’s health experts offer tips for relief :

  1. Avoid black cohosh which has been shown to cause severe bleeding and does more harm when ingested after undergoing an endometrial ablation or premature ovarian failure.
  2. Deal with your skin changes by drinking a lot of water and using natural products made from herbal extracts that will soften the skin.
  3. Fight insomnia by using melatonin.
  4. Avoid testosterone cream and natural testosterone supplements since they may increase the presence of unwanted hair.
  5. If you underwent a vaginal hysterectomy, take a bone density test to ensure that your menopausal symptoms are not also indicative of a predisposition to osteoporosis.
  6. Consider supplementation with DHEA to help with mood swings so many perimenopausal women suffer from. Muira puama is another substance that is useful in dealing with the cognitive as well as emotional side effects of a progesterone deficiency, serum estrogen dominance and also in cases of induced menopause.

While it is true that you could purchase a wide array of different creams, tinctures, capsules, and powders, the fact that many of the symptoms could be reduced simply with the application of Hot Flash Freedom is perhaps a bit surprising but nonetheless a welcome revelation. Rather than spending your money at a compounding pharmacy that might mix two or three of the recommended substances together, the creators of this remedy seek to help those whose fertility awareness has led to the charting of a decrease of estrogen and other hormones.

Keep in mind that this substance is neither a cure all nor a mode of reversing menopause! Women’s health experts are very clear in stating that once menopause has begun reversal is not possible. Granted, the human body may be fooled into still carrying out a pregnancy in some instances, yet by and large the hormonal changes will bring with them also the dreaded side effects that will need to be addressed to help women who are undergoing their bodily changes to experience the highest quality of life possible.