Natural Progesterone Diminishes Menopausal Symptoms

Whether you have undergone an endometrial ablation that causes you to experience early menopause symptoms, a vaginal hysterectomy which induced menopause, or simply began noticing some skipped periods as part of your fertility awareness program, the fact that you will suffer one or more menopausal symptoms is unfortunately undeniable. Thus far, hormone replacement therapy was utilized by most physicians in an effort to get under control the most common side effects of menopause, such as hot flashes, an overactive bladder, and also hormonal imbalance symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

Alarmingly, with relief came also the onset of severe side effects, such as dementia, and increased cancer risk, and an elevated possibility of experiencing a stroke or heart failure. Thus, more and more patients are declining the use of hormone replacement therapy drugs and opt instead for herbal extracts mixed up by a compounding pharmacy or they simply go shopping online for tinctures, creams, and caplets. The latter is quite frequently strongly discouraged by physicians, since some of the substances do more harm than good, while others’ origins cannot be traced to ascertain if their purity is indeed as good as promised.

In recent years, the trend toward using natural progesterone has been followed with interest by patients and their doctors alike, and it has been found that this substance not only helps still ovulating women get rid of their menstrual migraines, but that it has a host of desirable effects on perimenopausal women.

  • A topically applied progesterone cream will decrease the highs and lows that accompany mood swings. In addition to the foregoing, anxiety is reduced to manageable levels. It will stabilize low progesterone levels.
  • While in the past testosterone cream was utilized to increase a woman’s libido, a correction of the progesterone deficiency brought on by perimenopausal symptoms due to premature ovarian failure or increased estrogen dominance was found to also raise the woman’s sex drive.
  • In conjunction with elemental calcium the frequent use of bone density tests has indicated that natural progesterone will prevent the loss of bone tissue.

While in the past some women may have resorted to the use of black cohosh, natural testosterone or hawthorn flower for their supplementation, modern women are fortunate to find several ready mixed compounds that not only contain natural progesterone but also carefully balanced other natural ingredients which complement the effects of the hormone.

Hot Flash Freedom is such a product which may be applied topically for a maximum feeling of relief. Since the company that manufactures it has so much confidence in their product that they freely list all of the ingredients that make up the cream which contains the progesterone, it quickly becomes evident that far from a collection of ingredients which are thrown together halfheartedly, the amount of relevant study that went into the mix provides for a stunning compound which provides serious relief that is also safe.