Menopausal Women Want Natural Relief from Hot Flashes

The reasons for menopause are plentiful:

  • An endometrial ablation or vaginal hysterectomy may have induced menopause, no matter what the age of the woman.
  • Skipped periods and a sudden lack of menstrual migraines are the first perimenopausal symptoms of women who enter the middle of life.
  • Premature ovarian failure suddenly causes early menopause symptoms.

Whatever the case may be, perimenopausal women have come to dread the symptoms that accompany the changes their bodies undergo, and many of the symptoms are not only annoying but also directly affect a woman’s quality of life.

Most commonly reported symptoms of perimenopause are:

  • An overactive bladder that requires multiple bathroom visits during short time spans.
  • Hot flashes and extensive sweating.
  • Sudden mood swings and periods of deep depression.
  • Cognitive problems as well as temporary memory failures.Yet perhaps none of the menopausal symptoms is as dreaded as the hot flashes which are little more than hormonal imbalance symptoms underlining the fact that an estrogen dominance is no longer established while at the same time the levels of natural progesterone and natural testosterone are also no longer following their customary patterns. In the past, physicians were quick to prescribe hormone replacement therapy, progesterone cream, testosterone cream to supplement a slumping libido, a regular bone density test to ensure that osteoporosis was not sneaking up on their patients and elemental calcium to keep it at bay. Yet in recent years menopausal women have eyed many of these therapies with suspicion, especially in light of the fact that much negative publicity was published with respect to hormone replacement therapy.This contributes to the fact that many menopausal women now want natural relief from hot flashes; yet even there some dangers lurk. Women who in the past purchased black cohosh, a variety of dubious herbal extracts, hawthorn flower and other supplements marketed by the same compounding pharmacy that also claimed to operate a lab which provided an allegedly genuine paternity test, soon found out that many of the claims made were overstated while some of the substances were actually quite dangerous to their health. As the online marketplace for fad remedies, the latest cures, and odd tinctures and teas heated up, menopausal women continued to look for a natural remedy that would safely offer a respite from hot flashes.Fortunately, there is natural relief available in the form of Hot Flash Freedom, a product that is not only natural but also freely states its ingredients for the perusal of the buyer as well as her physicians. By gently replacing estrogen with entirely natural substances, hot flashes as well as a host of other undesirable side effects of menopause are being relieved quickly, easily, and consistently.