The Many Faces Of Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

That which is quite flippantly referred to as “going hormonal” is in reality a very serious underlying cause of one of the major bodily changes a woman will undergo while consciously aware of her body’s changing. Quite generally speaking, there are two major branches of hormonal imbalance symptoms.

The first branch includes the following symptoms:

  • A distinct lack of energy even after a good night’s rest.
  • A loss of lean muscle mass and an inability to exercise as long as before.
  • Breasts may become enlarged. Weight loss may be noticed at the same time.
  • Libido wanes without cause.

The second branch of hormonal imbalance symptoms is slightly different:

  • Weight gain, breast enlargement, and puffiness of the skin may be noticed.
  • What in the past might have been menstrual migraines are now experienced even with skipped periods.
  • Mood swings, irritability, depression, high levels of anxiety and an inability to find an even keel become commonplace.
  • In some cases menopausal symptoms include partial or even complete hair loss.
  • An overactive bladder becomes noticeable.

The first group of symptoms is directly related to a decrease of natural progesterone or a progesterone deficiency. At times this follows almost immediately after an endometrial ablation or a progesterone deficiency brought on by an induced menopause due to premature ovarian failure. The latter is tricky since in effect it is the cause of early menopause and as such is frequently mistaken by fertility awareness mavens as a sign that a pregnancy may have occurred. When a negative result indicates that other bodily changes are at work, very frequently the use of progesterone cream is suggested. The second group of perimenopausal symptoms pointing to hormonal imbalance is directly related to a severe drop in estrogen dominance. In the past black cohosh supplementation in addition to the application of a testosterone cream was recommended while at the same time some women also took several herbal extracts including hawthorn flower for their symptoms. When black cohosh became known as being a culprit in the increased risk of cancer in women, those who faced a vaginal hysterectomy were worried about their choices.

Granted, hormone replacement therapy in conjunction with natural testosterone and elemental calcium for perimenopausal women was the usual course of action in days gone by, but when studies revealed that hormone replacement therapy was anything but safe, the hunt was on for a natural remedy to counteract hormonal imbalance symptoms while at the same time not jeopardizing a normal bone density test. Many fads littered the landscape of the Internet, until women began to discover herbal remedies such as Hot Flash Freedom that is prepared by a compounding pharmacy known for its high quality ingredients and knowledge of blending successful elements for a natural relief.