Safe Alternatives for Women Dealing With Progesterone Deficiency

A progesterone deficiency is most commonly associated with hormonal imbalance symptoms seen in perimenopausal women. Sometimes this deficiency is experienced after an endometrial ablation while at other times it is part and parcel of induced menopause following on the heels of a vaginal hysterectomy. Some women also experience progesterone deficiency when menopausal symptoms such as skipped periods while still suffering from menstrual migraines can be traced to premature ovarian failure.

While the majority of perimenopausal symptoms usually centers on the lack of estrogen dominance which accompanies early menopause signs, others symptoms can be directly related to an imbalance of natural progesterone.

  • You may experience unexplained weight gain, even though you are actively exercising and watching your nutrition closely.
  • Water retention and an overactive bladder may plague you.
  • Your face may feel puffy, your breasts may become swollen, and your ankles may seem to suddenly swell up as well.
  • If you have blood work done, your thyroid numbers may be abnormally low.
  • Your sex drive may be greatly diminished, or you may find that vaginal intercourse is becoming too painful to be enjoyed.

While it is easy to point out that those studying fertility awareness know progesterone deficiency is directly associated with menopausal symptoms, those suffering from it derive little if any comfort from this bit of information. Similarly, the notion of counteracting the effects from a lack of progesterone with hormone replacement therapy in conjunction with progesterone cream, testosterone cream, and elemental calcium for the sake of a healthy bone density test outcome, is not as palatable to women today as it used to be a few short years ago.

Yet there is hope on the horizon. No, women do not have to use dangerous herbal extracts that rely on black cohosh and tinctures made from hawthorn flower and natural testosterone, but instead they can utilize a substance made by a reputable compounding pharmacy that takes serious its commitment to women’s health and the use of only safe and natural ingredients. It is imperative to understand that the lack of progesterone in the body does not simply lead to discomfort but also to a physiological condition that might be described as estrogen toxicity.

Quite a few progesterone cream options and salves are on the markets which are indicated to offer relief from the symptoms while at the same time providing a natural alterative for reestablishing a balance of the hormones in the woman’s body. Hot Flash Freedom is perhaps one of the names most often mentioned when discussing such herbal remedies and the enthusiastic endorsements from users showcase the good this product has done to women the world over. If you are ready to look for a natural remedy, make sure to find one that not only covers up symptoms but actually brings your body back into hormonal harmony!