Should You Use Progesterone Cream During Menopause

The use of progesterone cream from a compounding pharmacy at the behest of a physician is not unheard of. Considered advantageous for perimenopausal women who seek to lessen menopausal symptoms that make them uncomfortable, the fact that a progesterone deficiency could be undone with as little as a cream is in and of itself rather surprising.

To those not familiar with progesterone, here are some quick facts:


  • Progesterone is a hormone. Natural progesterone may be found in the ovaries. .
  • Hormonal imbalance symptoms not only point to a lack of natural testosterone but also to a lack of naturally occurring progesterone. .
  • In conjunction with estrogen, it acts as a regulating substance. A distinct drop is therefore related to estrogen dominance, which in turn leads to several physical side effects often attributed to early menopause. .
  • An overactive bladder, cognitive problems, mood swings and even severe anxiety are just some of the perimenopausal symptoms associated with a decrease of the hormone.

Physicians have found that in cases of skipped periods which can be traced back to endometrial ablation or induced menopause due to premature ovarian failure or vaginal hysterectomy, hormone replacement therapy with progesterone will offer relief from a host of symptoms, most notably weight gain and hot flashes. In conjunction with testosterone cream, it is often prescribed in order to increase a woman’s sex drive when she finds that it has suffered in the wake of hormonal upset.

While it is true that doctors favor the use of progesterone cream, they are hesitant to suggest a wide variety of natural supplements simply for the fact that some can be counter-indicated with taken together with the cream. When attacked with black cohosh menopause may be weakened. But the use of other herbal extracts has not been thoroughly studied, and it is not surprising to find physicians who are either hesitant or downright opposed to hawthorn flower caplets, saw palmetto supplements, or even avena sativa. Unwilling to suggest anything other than elemental calcium to ward of osteoporosis, physicians take great care to prevent patients from experiencing any ill effects of the supplements they are taking.

Unless you are concerned about your progesterone levels for fertility awareness reasons or simply because you know that your bone density test may have come back with borderline results, you will be glad to know that now you can have your progesterone as well as the benefits of a wide array of different substances all proven to lower the instances of hot flashes and other bothersome side effects of your hormonal change.

Referred to as Hot Flash Freedom, you now have the option of using a cream that contains bio identical progesterone as well as pregnenolone which is quite frequently considered to be the precursor to progesterone. This substance contains all natural ingredients, and it may quite possibly spell that little bit of relief that you are looking for!