Avoid Black Cohosh, Menopause Sufferers Are Warned

In its simplest form, black cohosh is a garden variety herb that looks like little more than a weed. While in days gone by this herb was used by Native Americans to successfully cure depression, alleviate hormonal imbalance symptoms, and also lessened the symptoms of menstrual migraines, a modern resurgence of herbal treatments has led to the herb being used in a variety of ways in which it did more harm than good. Mixed with papaya, pennyroyal, and brewer’s yeast, black cohosh was given to women who skipped periods due to a possible pregnancy and instead of facing motherhood and a potential paternity test, the women chose to abort their fetuses with the help of herbs. Allergic reactions and most severe cramping have discouraged the use of this herb in the more modern times.

Those who suffered from endometrial ablation have been urged to ingest black cohosh only to find that the herbal extracts induced heavy bleeding in perimenopausal women, which was further compounded when considering that it reduced the body’s ability to absorb iron, thus leading to anemia, an overactive bladder, a lack of natural testosterone, a severe increase of perimenopausal symptoms, a drop in elemental calcium, some cases of progesterone deficiency, and has even been blamed for induced menopause! Women with heightened fertility awareness have described that natural progesterone levels fell off to such an extent as to create an estrogen dominance that provided a forbidding environment for fetal implantation.

Common side effects with black cohosh use:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Severe sweating

Doctors are now working to avoid black cohosh and menopause sufferers who prefer the natural and herbal ways of remedying their situation are of course the hardest hit by that warning. Since early menopause symptoms are plentiful and in some cases almost debilitating, the search for a comparable substance has been underway. Some have found help with progesterone cream while others tried hawthorn flower, testosterone cream and also melatonin.

Doctors agree that before you attempt to use any natural remedy, you undergo a series of tests to rule out menopausal symptoms due to organic failures such as premature ovarian failure or as a side effect of a vaginal hysterectomy. Similarly, undergo a bone density test to ensure that your bones are receiving the calcium they need. Once these conditions are satisfied, there is no need to rely on the tinctures of a compounding pharmacy but instead entrust your physical well being to substances like Hot Flash Freedom which features safe and reliable ingredients, such as muira puama, pregnenolone, saw palmetto extracts, and also avena sativa. Relieving many more symptoms than black cohosh ever could, this mixture of ingredients promises to be safe, natural, and side effect free; since the company freely lists its ingredients, you can rest assured that printing out the list and having your doctor look it over will have her or him agree that this product is well worth a try. All natural menopause treatments like HotFlashFreedom are safe and effective for your use.