Treatments For Menopausal Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are perhaps one of the most well know symptoms of menopause. They are uncomfortable and restraining for women suffering from them.

This is what you may be experiencing as a perimenopausal woman:

  • Hot flashes usually begin as a hot prickly sensation in the mid back.
  • The heat wave effect rises to the back, chest, neck, face and scalp.
  • The skin can become warm to the touch and the temperature of the skin can actually rise up to eight degrees.
  • The face and neck can become pink to deep red as the hot5 flash can last up to six minutes.
  • The pulse can become rapid and sweating will begin as the body begins trying to cool itself.

The night version of this is night sweats. Women will awaken drenched in perspiration from their clothing to their bedding. They are more prevalent during perimenopause, which is the prelude to menopause. Women who experience natural menopause prior to the age of 52 have a higher chance of hot flashes. Eighty to ninety percent of women who have had the ovaries surgically removed suffer from hot flashes. Knowing that this is such a wide felt menopause symptom, there is relief from hot flashes. Below are some of the treatments available for hot flash relief.

Hot flashes can be controlled by a variety of methods. Such methods include HRT-hormone replacement therapy, herbs, vitamins, perimenopause treatment and nutritional supplements. There are also some methods that you can perform at home to ease hot flash discomfort. Hormone replacement therapy offers pills, patches and creams that restore levels of estrogen to elevate the hot flash effect. Herbal therapy is a treatment that many women choose since it is natural. Herbs such as black cohosh have been used to relieve hot flashes.

There are also natural progesterone creams that can be applied to the skin for absorption. Such a cream is Hot Flash Freedom, which is Bio-identical meaning the plant based progesterone acts in the same manner as the bodies own lost estrogen.

Vitamins and supplements are said to be helpful to menopausal women and include:

. Elemental calcium . B-12 . Vitamin D . Soy

Moderate relief has been found by the use of soy since it carries a small amount of estrogen. When you are at home adding exercise and reducing stress while decreasing caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods can all be helpful in hot flash symptom relief. It is also suggested to have layers of blankets so you can be cool, and after the hot flash cover up for warmth. Keep cool water for drinking and some for splashing the face and wrists for additional cooling. All of these methods have been proven to be helpful for numerous women. It is highly recommended that you consult your physician before performing any of these treatments due to each carrying its own risks and side effects. Speaking to your physician will aid you in choosing the best possible treatment for your hot flash relief. Just know that you do not have to suffer in heated misery, you do have choices for hot flash relief.