Everything You Want to Know about Hot Flashes

While not every woman will experience hot flashes in her life time, at least 85% of the female population will fight these hot flushes at one time or another. That is why it pays for every woman to know all about hot flashes, from what causes hot flashes to remedies for hot flashes.

The first thing you should know about hot flashes is that women aren’t the only ones that get them. Sometimes men can experience hot flashes too. While this is rare, men that are undergoing treatment for prostate cancer often report suffering from hot flashes. While the majority of women experience hot flashes during menopause there are other times in a woman’s life that she can experience these uncomfortable hot flushes. Some women get them during pregnancy.

Some women get them when they have PMS. Some women get them when they are taking certain medications. No matter when you get them, they aren’t any fun.

Hot flashes usually come on quickly. You go from a normal temperature to a much higher temperature without any warning. As rapidly as your temperature rises, it can also fall. When this happens, you can get a chill. One of the funniest things about hot flashes is how diverse your temperature can be in just a matter of minutes. Sweats, hot flashes, and chills go hand in hand.

Most people try to treat hot flashes naturally, by using a product such as Hot Flash Freedom. In years past, doctor’s prescribed hormone replacement therapy, but recent studies show that these prescriptions actually did more harm than good. The latest trend in hot flash relief is to take antidepressants such as Effexor. There is a lot of controversy with this therapy as the list of potential side effects is quite long.

Some hot flash solutions include:

  • Herbal remedy for hot flashes
  • Effexor and hot flashes
  • Neurontin hot flashes

If you are leery about taking drugs or supplements, there are some things you can do to reduce the amount of hot flashes you suffer from. One of the best ways to naturally control hot flashes is to implement a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t include smoking, eating foods high in fat, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and getting poor sleep.

You can also drink lots of water and keep cool water on hand in the event of a hot flash. Some people find laying a cool washcloth on their forehead lessens the length of the hot flash. You can also wear light clothes and keep a sweater or blanket near by so that when the hot flash has passed, you are prepared for any chill that might follow.

When you learn all about hot flashes, you will see that they are easy to control!