What Causes Hot Flashes?

Even though almost every woman will experience a hot flash at least once in her lifetime, not many women can actually tell you what causes a hot flash. It is very important that every woman knows:

  • What causes hot flashes
  • How to treat hot flashes
  • How to reduce hot flashes

Hot flashes are the direct result of a loss of estrogen in your system. Estrogen is an amazing hormone. Estrogen is produced in puberty, causing a women to physically develop. It decides just how the fat formations on your hips will grow, and it plays a vital part in the development and release of a woman’s eggs each month.

Through the years, a woman depends on estrogen to help regulate her appetite, mood, and even temperature.

As you grow older and you supply of follicles in your ovaries begins to diminish, your body doesn’t need to make as much estrogen. When this happens, the onset of menopause approaches and with it comes hot flashes, night sweats, and chills.

There is a special section of your brain called the hypothalamus. This part of your brain actually acts as a thermostat for your body. When you don’t have enough estrogen in your system, the hypothalamus sends out a signal that you are cold. Lack of estrogen, actually causes hot flashes. Your body is a wonderful machine and immediately responds to this signal by trying to warm you.

The best way your body knows to warm you is to start pumping blood. That is why a hot flash is often preceded by heart palpitations and a racing pulse. It doesn’t take long for your body to grow uncomfortably warm. Some women report their temperature grows by six degrees Celsius in a matter of mere minutes. Another way that your body fights the heat is by activating your sweat glands. That is why women going through menopause often experience night sweats and wake up to soaked pajamas and sheets.

Once your body has cooled, you might find yourself to be very chilled. A lot of women are amazed that one minute they can be burning up and the next minute they can be shivering. Many women are also surprised that one hormone can be responsible for all of their suffering.

The symptoms of menopause can actually occur long before you stop your menses. Some women report hot flashes beginning two years before any other menopause symptoms are evident. While there are many ways to combat hot flashes, one of the best remains taking a herbal remedy for hot flashes or natural supplement such as Hot Flash Freedom.

If you are entering menopause, it is important to learn everything you can about the causes of hot flashes. When you understand what causes them, it is easier to understand what will cure them.