Health Experts Tout a Natural Remedy for Hot Flash Complications

If you experience hot flashes, you need to know that there is a natural remedy for hot flash relief. You no longer have to rely on drugs such as

  • Effexor for hot flashes
  • Neurontin hot flashes drug therapy

You can actually reduce hot flashes naturally. There are three main ways to reduce hot flashes without taking dangerous drugs. You can choose to change some of your habits to increase your health and decrease your hot flashes, you can try some simple tricks to alleviate hot flashes if you get them, and you can try botanical supplements that act as a natural remedy for hot flash symptoms.

Making changes in your life style may seem drastic but the relief it brings from hot flashes caused by menopause make all the changes worth while. Start simply by cutting out things that trigger hot flashes. A few examples are caffeine, alcohol, high fat foods, spicy foods, and cigarettes. During menopause it is important to watch your diet, adding foods rich in calcium and low in fat to your eating plan. As long as you are already making a few changes to what you eat, it isn’t that much harder to forgo caffeinated coffee or chocolate for a few years.

You can also avoid hot flashes by adding exercise to your daily routine. Again, exercise is important in menopause because it can help keep you from developing osteoporosis. Since you already need to exercise, increasing your activity enough to ward off hot flashes isn’t that hard.

There are some external changes you can make that are very simple ways to reduce hot flashes. Go through your closet and get rid of outfits made from wool, silk, or synthetics. Because these fabrics don’t breath, they trap heat in, making you more susceptible to a hot flash. Opt for clothes made from cotton and other light and natural fibers.

If you do experience the occasional hot flash after making these lifestyle changes, there are a few ways to shorten their duration. Try drinking a iced drink, sitting in front of a fan, or even standing in front of an open freezer. Turn your air conditioner up a few notches or take a ride in the car with the windows down.

The best natural remedy for hot flash symptoms are herbal or botanical supplements. Herbs can help your body to produce estrogen or provide a natural replacement for estrogen with out the nasty side effects of drugs. If you choose to take a natural herbal supplement, just make sure it is a product you trust, such as Hot Flash Freedom. Herbs aren’t regulated the same way that drugs are, so it is possible to think you are taking a good supplement when in truth the quantity of the herb is too small to be effective.

Hot flashes are never fun. The good news is there is a natural remedy for hot flash symptoms.