The Basics of Peri Menopause

Many people think that menopause is the time when a woman’s periods begin to decrease and her production of reproductive hormones slow. Menopause is actually the time from the last period counting forward twelve months. Perimenopause is actually the name for the 2 to 6 years it takes for the body to stop producing as much estrogen and other reproductive hormones. It is typically during this time that women experience the classic menopause symptoms. In order to be prepared for this change, it is important to be aware of the signs of perimenopause and how to care for yourself during this time.

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When a woman goes through the change of life naturally, in other words, without having a surgery or other medical procedure that instigates it, the process takes several years. For some women, their periods begin to be unpredictable and several months may pass without having one, only to suddenly show up out of nowhere. Other women may experience more than one period in a month and the flow can become heavier. During perimenopause weight gain isn’t uncommon as the body tries to adjust to the hormone level changes. Some women go to the other end of the spectrum and have perimenopause weight loss.

The early stages of any medical change can be difficult to self diagnose. Your missed period may simply the result of a lot of stress, not perimenopause. To know for sure, you will need to take a perimenopause test. Your family doctor or gynecologist can administer the test for you or you can find an at home one to take on your own. It’s important to note that even if you test at home, your doctor will want to give you more sensitive tests in the office to determine an accurate diagnosis and rule out other possibilities.

The type of perimenopause treatments you receive will be a combination of what is appropriate for your symptoms and your personal choices. Many women have gone through this change with relatively few symptoms and little difficulty. Others have extreme symptoms and need help making the transition. You can choose to take HRT or decide to treat your symptoms naturally with a progesterone cream or one of the other natural methods.

Peri menopause can be a freeing experience if you have the right frame of mind and good symptom care. Hot Flash Freedom is an excellent natural treatment option and will help with difficult symptoms all the way through your menopause hot flashes.