Premenopause Complications

Throughout a woman’s life it seems as if her body is constantly thinking of new and creative ways to make her crazy. Things go along just fine until puberty hits. Then she has mood swings, irregular periods, and painful PMS has her body adjusts to the changes. After which comes pregnancy. At this stage hormones create morning sickness, mood changes, and all kinds of fun stuff. On down the road, it can feel as if she is reverting back to puberty when her doctor informs her she is in premenopause. On the plus side, this signals the beginning of the end of the hormone swings. However it is helpful to be prepared for the challenges and changes on the road ahead.

  • potential pregnancy during menopause
  • premature menopause
  • PMS and menopause

You would think that during the transition of menopause, pregnancy would be unlikely and it is. However due to the constant ebb and wane of reproductive hormones, it does sometimes occur. Most doctors aren’t usually excited about this development when it happens. Like any pregnancy there are certain challenges that come with trying to successfully carry a baby in a time when no one sure how your hormones are going to react. Some women have no problems and the pregnancy is fine. Others experience a decrease in hormones and her body is unable to sustain the pregnancy.

Premature menopause refers to the advent of menopause in a woman before the age of 40. It can happen due to external factors like disease, surgery, or injury. Other women are more prone to premature menopause due to genetic heredity. In some cases, doctors may try to stop or slow the process. This isn’t always possible and then everything possible is done to preserve a woman’s feelings of well being and health. The signs of menopause are the same regardless of when they occur.

Especially in peri menopause, the likelihood of experiencing PMS during menopause is pretty good. It is important to remember that menopause doesn’t happen all at once and a woman’s periods will continue for a time. Factor in the varied hormone levels at the time, and it’s a recipe for some intense symptoms.

Being able to recognize the early premenopause signs will help ensure you find symptom relief early in the game. Hot Flash Freedom is a progesterone cream to naturally help you control the various symptoms of menopause. Some women also find menopause supplement options helpful in addition to other treatments.