Choosing a Menopause Therapy

So you have reached a point in your life where you either are approaching menopause or want to learn all you can before that event occurs. That’s a smart step. Between understanding menopause therapy options and the changes that will take place in your body, it’s helps to be prepared early. A woman in menopause has a lot of conflicting information to cipher through and decisions to make regarding her overall health. When the time comes and you are in doubt, menopause tests performed at your doctor’s office will clear things up and then it’s time to think about some of the basic information of this naturally occurring event.

  • what is menopause
  • what should you expect
  • methods to control symptoms

Especially as women, menopause is word heard brandied about quite a bit. But what exactly is it? This term refers to the time in every woman’s life when her hormone levels drop in preparation for stopping reproductivity. Think about like puberty in reverse. What’s interesting is that some of the symptoms of menopause are similar to puberty. If left to happen naturally, the menopause process can take between two and eight years. This time period is called perimenopause. Menopause is actually the year from the date of the last menstrual cycle.

Every woman is different and how your body responds to the changes going on is bound to be unique to your best friend’s. However there are common symptoms that often happen. Many women complain of menopause tiredness. With your hormones in a constant state of fluctuation, your body is working harder to adjust and it is common to experience varying degrees of fatigue. Another common symptom is menopause vaginal dryness. This symptom often leads to a disinterest in sex and lowered libido. It can cause sex to become painful due to the lack of natural lubrication.

For the past several decades doctors and menopausal women have been relying on hormone replacement therapy to get through the worst of the symptoms. Fortunately there are other more natural ways to get relief. Certain teas and herbal supplements have been known to reduce the aggravation of menopause. Progesterone creams, made with natural ingredients, are a good alternative as well.

The type of menopause therapy you use is up to you. Taking charge of your health care is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Hot Flash Freedom is there to help make those menopause symptoms just disappear. During menopause, health and your well being should always be in the front of your mind.