Menopause Health Tips

Far too much information available to women about menopause health focuses on hormone replacement therapy and traditional methods of treating this naturally occurring change in life. While there is nothing wrong with going the conventional route, the problem is that very few doctors give their patients enough information about the various ways women in menopause can expect things to change, even if temporarily. Sure, you hear about night sweats and hot flashes, but other common symptoms take place as well. Here are a few of the less spoken about events in menopause and how to take care of yourself during these changes.

  • weight gain during menopause
  • menopause skin changes
  • menopause sleeplessness

There is no doubt about it, the weight gain that often occurs during the menopause process isn’t a good thing. Most experts attribute this symptom to a loss of hormones, not feeling like participating in your regular activities, and eating poorly. No one can guarantee that you won’t put on a few pounds during menopause, but you can take precautions against the possibility. Make an effort to stay active and fix nutritious, delicious meals at home. Embrace change and make an attempt to experience foods, places, and events you never have before. All of those things will help you feel like yourself.

No doubt you have heard the old joke about a woman going downhill after menopause. Part of where this tasteless reference comes from is the damage menopause can do to your skin. When you lose hormones, your skin’s elastic qualities and collagen also decrease. This can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Combat those effects by staying hydrated, eating healthfully, and using a good moisturizer on the delicate skin of your face. Don’t forget about the rest of your body either. Wrinkled hands are very aging as well.

It doesn’t help that hot flashes and night sweats can seriously interfere with your sleep either. One way to avoid the fatigue and discomfort of sleep loss is to use a natural progesterone cream designed to help regulate the body’s sleep rhythms. Getting adequate sleep helps to rejuvenate the skin and help you maintain your normal, healthy weight.

During menopause health concerns are likely to pop up. Don’t hesitate to look for help from your medical care professional and other resources. Hot Flash Freedom was designed to help you make this transition more smoothly. For the first symptoms of perimenopause through the post menopause process, this product will reduce the unpleasant symptoms.