The Symptoms of Perimenopause

As a woman begins to approach the time in her life when the symptoms of perimenopause are likely to occur, it is beneficial to her to learn all she can about the changes her body is about to undergo. This time in her life can be upsetting and physically demanding. It makes sense to be prepared in every way possible. With forethought, you won’t have to make spur of the moment medical decisions when things are already so disruptive for you. Many women who are unprepared for the signs of perimenopause end up blindly going along with whatever their doctor recommends. While he or she isn’t going to give erroneous information, it is still better to be aware of the symptoms and available treatments.

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Every individual case of menopause is different, but there are some similarities most women share. Some women experience a heavy increase in flow during the beginning stages of pre menopause. The reason for this is sometimes the surge of hormones is strongest right before they start to wane. It is possible to experience a general sense of fatigue or lethargy as well. Doing your best to get adequate rest and informing the doctor about the changes will help relieve this symptom.

A woman’s periods don’t stop all at once. Sometimes they may be several months between or even occur more than once in a month. Another thing that sometimes happens is break through bleeding. Spotting is common due to the constant change in hormones. The only way to deal with this is to always be prepared for the surprise. It’s kind of like going back to puberty when you had no idea when the next period was going to occur. It’s a pain, but for most women, it’s only temporary.

Your doctor will probably be unwilling to prescribe hormone replacement therapy in the early stages of menopause. It may not be your best option anyway. Consider all natural products, like progesterone cream to help reduce the more unpleasant of the hormone imbalance side effects.

The symptoms of perimenopause, when they occur at the proper time in a woman’s life, are simply signs that the next chapter in your life is about to begin. Like any new beginning, it comes along with its own set of growing pains. Let Hot Flash Freedom provide you with the menopause support you need.