The Causes of Early Menopause

The term early menopause can mean several different things, but for our purpose here, let’s discuss the occurrence of menopause that occurs early in a woman’s life. Depending on how the woman feels about her fertility, it can be seen as the best thing to ever happen or feel like the end of the world when for natural or health reasons a woman finds herself in menopause at an early age. Unless menopause is occurring due to a medical procedure, tests for menopause will have to be done to ensure that is what is indeed happening. Here are some brief facts about early menopause transition.

  • the symptoms of early menopause
  • natural causes
  • medical necessities

The early symptoms of menopause are pretty much the same as those for any menopause type. Menopause is considered premature when the hormone levels begin to fluctuate before a woman reaches the age of 30. She will begin to notice obvious changes in her monthly cycle. For some periods become less frequent and unpredictable. Others may have problems with having more than one period per 28 days. It is all related to the body trying to adjust to the surge and wane of the reproductive hormones. Menopause treatments can help provide some relief from the more detrimental symptoms of menopause.

Some of the natural causes of premature menopause include a genetic disposition, low body weight, and never has had a child or pregnancy. Studies have also shown that never using oral birth control and certain races and ethnicities are more likely to experience premature menopause. Poor nutrition and a lower social and economic status can also contribute. Women who have chronic illnesses are also more likely to have early onset menopause. One theory is that the body simply can’t keep up with fighting the illness and menstruating in the normal fashion.

For some women, early menopause is caused by other medical factors. Many disorders and diseases of the reproductive system can cut fertility short. If a woman has had to have one or both ovaries removed, the chances are good she will experience menopause early. Diseases like endometriosis and uterine or ovarian cancer are common causes of early hysterectomy and menopause.

Early menopause is often treated the same way as the other forms. Some women have found relief from their symptoms with natural products. Hot Flash Freedom was designed to help naturally restore the hormone balances. It’s a great way to experience natural menopause and avoid unpleasant side effects from HRT.