Common Perimenopause Symptoms

It isn’t uncommon to hear a joke among women that the first sign of flush or unaccountable rush of heat is one of the perimenopause symptoms. Even very young women will make this little joke about sudden menopause onset. It is fortunate women have such a good attitude about this perimenopause symptom because changes are good they will experience it for real at some point in their lives. These natural, normal hormonal changes that every woman will experience come along with some decidedly unpleasant side effects. Fortunately there are ways to limit the disruption to your life and live through the experience with flying colors. Here are a few of the symptoms that often are a part of menopause.

  • weight gain during perimenopause
  • decrease in energy levels
  • chronic sleep disruptions

As much as no one wants to talk about it, weight gain during perimenopause is common. It doesn’t have to be a tremendous amount to make an already uncomfortable woman feel bad about herself. One theory that this happens is that hormones have helped regulate a healthy weight for many years, and now the body doesn’t have as effective of a system for burning calories. The good news is that will exercise and a nutritionally sound diet, both are good for you anyway, this symptom can be controlled. On the other hand, some people go the opposite direction and experience a dramatic weight loss that may be damaging to their health as well.

During the perimenopause tests, a woman may find herself undergoing a test to determine if her adrenal circadian rhythms are abnormal. This system often gets out of balance when the hormones are in an up roar as is the case during perimenopause and menopause. The result is frequent energy slumps at various intervals throughout the day. To get through this stage in life it is essential to do everything you can to ensure you get proper rest.

Another symptom of perimenopause that goes along with a decrease in energy is sleep disruptions. Everything from anxiety to night sweats, to hot flashes are common. Finding perimenopause treatments to help control these symptoms is important to keep up your strength and avoid the occurrence of depression. High cortisol levels lead to a lack of REM sleep. Natural menopause solutions are very good for regulating those levels.

Your perimenopause symptoms can be controlled with the use of a high quality natural treatment. Hot Flash Freedom was designed to help reestablish your body’s natural rhythms. It would be beneficial to begin use at the first menopause signs.