The Facts on Perimenopause

All of the ladies out there are no doubt aware that there are certain medical events that happen to them and not their male counterparts. Unfortunately a lack of understanding about perimenopause and actual menopause often make this time period more trying than it has to be. Most people of both genders are familiar with menopause and the typical symptoms. Knowing what perimenopause is important as well. When you know what to expect it makes it much easier to take care of yourself and not be frightened by the dramatic changes taking place.

  • age of onset
  • common symptoms
  • changes that may occur

The first thing to be discussed is what perimenopause is. For most healthy women this time generally lasts about six years. A woman will continue to have menstrual cycles, however she will begin to notice that they aren’t as regular as they once were or that the flow has changed. This is the effect of the severely fluctuating hormones in her body. The beginning of perimenopause anytime after the age of 40 is considered normal, though it isn’t uncommon for it to start later in life. Anytime before the age of 40 is considered premature and special medical intervention may be necessary.

The actual term menopause refers the twelve months from the woman’s last period. At that point she is considered to be postmenopausal. With that in mind, the majority of the changes take place during perimenopause. One of the most dramatic symptoms that can occur is change in weight. For some women, perimenopause weight loss is common. Others experience the other end of the spectrum and have weight gain during perimenopause. Wildly fluctuating hormones can also cause sleep disruptions and the dreaded hot flashes.

With all of these changes happening at once, there is no wonder that a woman may feel out of control and have no idea how to regain her life. For some people simply using a perimenopause vitamins regime works wonderfully. It may be all that is needed to reestablish a feeling of well being. Others often rely on the various perimenopause treatments to get some relief. With all of the negative information out there about hormone replacement therapy, many women are choosing to control their symptoms with all natural products.

Perimenopause is a time of great change, just like puberty. Hormones are unbalanced and the result can be rather unpleasant at times. Luckily Hot Flash Freedom is there to help put things back in working order and help control menopause symptoms.