Night Sweats, Insomnia, and PMS

In certain social circles, the whole PMS syndrome is a handy tool for off color jokes, but for the millions of women who suffer from it, the night sweats and insomnia that are a part of it aren’t funny. This condition is very real and isn’t just a woman’s head. It isn’t an attention getter and it definitely isn’t a joke. If you don’t suffer from this syndrome, great, but for the many who do, knowing what to do about can make all the difference in the world.

PMS is the direct result of a hormonal imbalance. It happens because of the extreme changes in the hormones right before a woman’s period. The syndrome comes complete with night sweats and insomnia, not to mention some other symptoms that for a week or so each month can make life feel like it’s not worth living.

  • Weight gain
  • Food cravings
  • Sometimes severe mood swings

Women who struggle with PMS are well acquainted with the symptoms they face each month. On top of the night sweats and insomnia, let’s add weight gain. It is common for the hormonal imbalance to dramatically increase appetite while making any type of physical activity unappealing. This disorder plays with the emotions and can spawn feelings of depression, which leads to over eating. The only solution is to find a way to correct the imbalance. Many women are finding success with all natural hormone supplements. It’s worth it for your self-esteem to control PMS and maintain a healthy weight.

Going right along with the weight gain, come food cravings. Most women are familiar with having unusual cravings during their period or right before it. It’s fairly common and usually not a problem. For someone with PMS however, those cravings are almost impossible to ignore. There are a lot of theories about the hormone- food craving connection. Regardless of which theory is ultimately proven correct, the food cravings can be controlled with proper treatment.

The severe mood swings are the favorite symptom to make fun among of. As previously noted, there isn’t anything funny about them. Imagine struggling with insomnia and night sweats, and then feeling completely out of control when it comes to your emotions. For many, this is frightening and makes them feel so out of touch that any relief is welcome.

The symptoms of PMS, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, etc. can all be controlled with a high quality hormone supplement. Hot Flash Freedom is an excellent example of an all-natural solution. It is beneficial to take control now before the threat of night sweats and menopause become an issue.