The Causes of Night Sweats

If you are in the middle of experiencing it, the last thing you many thinking of are the causes of night sweats. It just doesn’t seem to matter when you feel like you haven’t slept well in months and you’re so sick of washing sweat drenched sheets you could scream. However it is very important to determine the cause of your night sweats. It’s a safe bet that it is a hormone imbalance of some kind.

For women, the causes are often related to the major hormone influenced functions in their lives. For clarification, let’s take a look at the three huge times in women’s lives when a hormonal imbalance is most likely. It’s a safe assumption that one of them may be the cause of night sweats for you.

  • PMS
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause

Not every woman of child bearing age experiences the symptoms of PMS, but thousands do. This hormone imbalance creates all kinds of painful and irritating symptoms. Between dealing with the mood swings, disturbed sleep, and bloating, relief is seems like a far off dream. In reality, PMS can be controlled by correcting the imbalance with a hormonal supplement. Once the hormone levels are back where they should be, relief kicks in and life is much easier to live.

Like PMS, not every woman experiences pregnancy, but we all know how that works out. The majority of women do give birth at some point in their lives. Among the causes of night sweats, at least this one is happy. However that doesn’t do away with the damage to the mother and the problems it can cause with the baby when mom isn’t able to sleep well and have the strength she needs to have a healthy pregnancy.

Of all of the causes of night sweats, menopause is probably the most famous. Your body has spent years functioning as a productive woman of child bearing capability. With menopause, that function is diminished and eventually stops. Of course there is a hormonal imbalance going on during this time. The night sweats are often one symptom that goes along with this change. Once again, it is possible to avoid using chemically based hormone replacement therapy and get relief from natural means like a hormone supplement.

The causes of night sweats for women are all related to the normal hormonal changes the body makes. However Hot Flash Freedom can make these changes easier to manage. It is important to be aware that there can be other factors involved in night sweats. Paxil, Zoloft, and Effexor night sweats can be safely controlled as well.