Some Side Effects of Progesterone Loss

If you are a woman, you have probably heard something about the side effects of progesterone loss. Unfortunately many doctors and other medical health care professionals are often vague about what this means exactly. Some women think it is only a problem for menopausal women, while others walk around oblivious to the condition until it begins to affect them.

There are certain times in a woman’s life when a progesterone cream or other treatment may be necessary. The truth is hormone imbalances don’t just affect women in menopause. It happens throughout a woman’s life. Pregnancy, birth control mishaps, puberty, and of course, menopause, are all times when a woman may have her hormones out of whack. This imbalance affects different people in different ways, but here are a few of the side effects of progesterone loss.

  • night sweats and trouble sleeping
  • lack of libido
  • skin problems

There is a serious risk involved in not getting the rest and sleep you need. Your concentration levels and immune system suffer when this symptom is allowed to get out of control. Many women are turning to all natural estrogen creams to help with this problem. If you aren’t of menopause age, many doctors are unwilling to do anything to correct your imbalance. The result to you is a loss of energy and drive to do much of anything. Even if you are approaching menopause, pro gest creams are an excellent menopause alternative treatment.

Another nasty symptom that affects women with a hormone imbalance is a lack of sex drive. The lack of progesterone in the system can contribute to vaginal dryness and cause intercourse to be painful. Of course your libido severely decreases. However there is no need to live with this threat to your relationship and feeling of well being. Regardless of what you may be told, no woman of any age should just live with pain and discomfort; she should have every opportunity to enjoy this part of her life. Natural estrogen creams can help you regain that special part of your life.

Another common complaint with progesterone loss is skin issues. Acne is often a troublesome part of hormone imbalance. You left those years behind you when you graduated from high school, there’s no hurry to go back.

The potential side effects of progesterone loss are too numerous to mention here, but you can find relief with Hot Flash Freedom. A progesterone cream USP is a wonderful way to avoid harmful medications and feel better naturally.