How to Use Progesterone Cream

When you consider how simple it is to learn how to use progesterone cream, it’s a wonder anyone sticks with hormone replacement therapy. That’s not to say that HRT doesn’t have its uses, it’s just that so many women are taking their health into their own hands and choosing not to rely on prescription drugs for hormonal imbalance relief anymore. While most people think of progesterone cream as one of the menopause alternative treatments, it can help so many more. Some pregnant women and those struggling with birth control have chosen to find relief in this manner.

Once you make the decision to try a progest cream to improve your situation, there are a few helpful hints and tips to use. The process is pretty much fool proof, but just in case.

  • carefully review instructions
  • review ingredient list
  • reap the benefits of progesterone cream

As with any product you are going to apply to your skin or ingest, you should carefully read through the instructions to make sure you understand before using the pro gest cream. There are often different instructions for different women. For example, menopausal women may have different directions than a woman who is still menstruating. You may be asked to monitor your own progress and make modifications to your treatment course from there. Most of the time, the directions will require no more than two applications a day of only