Wild Yam Progesterone Cream

Anyone who has been pregnant knows that hormone imbalances are one of the most troublesome of the symptoms. Some pregnant women have found it useful to use a pregnancy progesterone cream to help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness, hot flashes, and difficulty sleeping. The work Dr. John Lee on progesterone and the effects an imbalance has on the body has been incredibly beneficial in helping women of all ages and stages of life reclaim their lives. If you are pregnant and fighting the effects of progesterone imbalance, you should consider an all natural approach to feeling better.

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Experiencing pregnancy is one of the most unique experiences ever. Along with the joy of carrying a new life, there are certainly some challenges. We already mentioned the occurrence of hot flashes and morning sickness, as well as being unable to sleep well. That doesn’t even begin to get into the feelings of depression and tension that are a result of a progesterone loss too. Emerita progesterone creams are designed to safely combat the effects pregnancy has on your hormones and give a semblance of normalcy back to your days. This is a topical treatment that is very useful as it absorbs into the skin and does its work from there. Of course you will want to check with your doctor before beginning even an all natural treatment.

Another option in terms of natural treatments for the often unpleasant side effects of pregnancy hormone changes is wild yam progesterone creams. These creams rely on the extract of wild yams or diosgenin, to provide relief of symptoms. The medical community is disbelieving of the advantages of this type of hormone treatment, but many women swear by the effects wild yam cream has on how they feel.

In the event that you aren’t pregnant, but are hoping to conceive, it is essential that you have the correct balance of progesterone in your system. This hormone is vital in the process of the egg releasing and being viable for fertilization. If your periods are unpredictable or you skip months completely, the cause is probably a progesterone deficiency. Trying an all natural progesterone cream is less costly and invasive than the traditional infertility treatments.

With your doctor’s consent, there is no reason not to try a pregnancy progesterone cream to diminish the effects of a hormone imbalance. Hot Flash Freedom is an excellent option. Like the wild yam progesterone cream and the emerita versions, this is a natural solution that could work for you.