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Menopause and Estrogen Withdrawal

While progesterone cream is heavily utilized by women who are experiencing hormonal imbalance symptoms brought on by endometrial ablation, induced menopause due to vaginal hysterectomy, skipped periods pointing to early menopause, and progesterone deficiency directly related to premature ovarian failure and subsequent lack of fertility. Awareness of the hormonal imbalance has helped perimenopausal women to  … Read more

Treating Low Progesterone Levels With Bio-Identical Progesterone

Generally speaking, low progesterone levels have given rise to the use of progesterone cream. Some such creams are made from synthesized versions of the hormone, yet it has been shown that only natural progesterone is absorbed by the body sufficiently to promise change and improvement. Thus far, women have reported that the treatment of low  … Read more

Natural Progesterone Diminishes Menopausal Symptoms

Whether you have undergone an endometrial ablation that causes you to experience early menopause symptoms, a vaginal hysterectomy which induced menopause, or simply began noticing some skipped periods as part of your fertility awareness program, the fact that you will suffer one or more menopausal symptoms is unfortunately undeniable. Thus far, hormone replacement therapy was  … Read more

Counteracting the Hormonal Effects of Early Signs of Menopause

It is interesting to note that many times menopause is treated like a pinpoint date before which there is little warning. Essentially it is by laymen considered to be a suddenly occurring event which has a limited duration after which all signs and symptoms once again cease. Naturally, this is entirely mistaken and many a  … Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Early Menopause

The word menopause comes from two Greek words meaning “month” and “to end.” Once it is translated it means “the end of monthlies.” For most women this does not happen until between the ages of 50 and 60 and is called perimenopause. However, it is possible to experience premature menopause or early menopause. Women who  … Read more

Symptoms of Early Menopause and Their Causes

In the human female, menopause is a natural phenomenon that ushers in the change her body undergoes as it lets go of the ability to reproduce, carry as well as bear children in favor of preparing the body of the second half of life. Generally speaking, women will experience this change when they reach their  … Read more

Natural Menopause Treatments for Hot Flashes

More than any other requests for natural menopause treatments, the search for a relief from hot flashes it one of the most commonly noted complaints perimenopausal women present to their doctors. It does not matter if menopausal symptoms are due to an endometrial ablation, induced menopause because of a vaginal hysterectomy, or skipped periods associated  … Read more

Why Natural Menopause Treatments- Safer Than Hormone Therapy

Who has not heard of hormone therapy? Going hand in hand with elemental calcium to keep the results of the bone density test normal, it is said to also relieve the dreaded hot flashes, overactive bladder, hormonal imbalance symptoms such as depression and anxiety, and also deal with a host of other menopausal symptoms including  … Read more

Avoid Black Cohosh, Menopause Sufferers Are Warned

In its simplest form, black cohosh is a garden variety herb that looks like little more than a weed. While in days gone by this herb was used by Native Americans to successfully cure depression, alleviate hormonal imbalance symptoms, and also lessened the symptoms of menstrual migraines, a modern resurgence of herbal treatments has led  … Read more