Progesterone Cream USP

When you see the phrase progesterone cream usp on a tube or container of cream, you know you are dealing with a more natural approach to hormone replacement therapy. More and more women are making the choice to naturally treat their progesterone imbalance. There are a lot of very good reasons for choosing to reestablish the natural balance that is so important to every woman’s good health. When left untreated, progesterone loss can create some very unpleasant side effects. Take a look at a few of the displeasures in store for you if you choose to not do anything about your hormonal imbalance.

  • weight gain and progesterone
  • acne and progesterone
  • stronger menopause symptoms

As if doughnuts and ice cream weren’t enough to worry about in terms of weight gain, it’s time to add a progesterone hormone imbalance into the mix. Many people are unaware of the importance of having a healthy hormone system and how negatively your body can be affected when something isn’t right. Even without weight gain, many women have a hard time losing weight when their progesterone levels aren’t in balance. Taking advantage of the options available to you in the form of a pro gest cream is a good idea for maintaining an ideal weight.

When you were a teenager you heard all about how your changing hormones play a contributing role in your skin’s appearance and the arrival of acne. Things aren’t any different today. With your hormone levels out of whack, your face may pay the price. As miserable as pimples and blemishes were back then, in many ways it’s worse now. People don’t expect to see a grown woman with moderate to severe acne. In many cases a good progesterone cream can help alleviate the symptoms.

Making use of a natural estrogen cream can also make the unpleasant symptoms of menopause less difficult to deal with. Many women find themselves able to sleep better and having hot flashes and anxiety attacks less often. Self esteem often rises due to not constantly fearing embarrassing episodes in public. Instead of hormone replacement therapy, many women are choosing to take the more natural approach with a menopause progesterone cream.

Hot Flash Freedom is one product to try for a safe, effective solution. Progesterone cream usp are growing in popularity with good reason. When you replace your missing progesterone, acne, weight gain, and disrupted sleep become things of the past.