Advantages of Progesterone Natural Cream

For over 20 years now, hormone replacement therapy has been the gold standard doctors have used to help women in the various stages of menopause feel better and control their symptoms. However in recent history, this form of menopause treatment has come under fire for the potential of raising a woman’s risk of breast and reproductive system cancers. While there is still a raging debate over the validity of this claim, many women have turned to natural progesterone cream as a substitute. Menopause progesterone cream is a product developed with natural bio identical ingredients that ensures a smooth transition and the body’s ability to metabolize the ingredients more effectively. Here are a few of the menopause symptoms this type of product can relieve.

  • menopause PMS
  • menopause periods
  • menopause sex drive problems

It really doesn’t seem fair, but during the stages of menopause, especially in the beginning, it isn’t uncommon for the symptoms of PMS to get worse. This occurrence is due to the wildly fluctuating hormones and changes taking place in the body. With a high quality progesterone cream, those imbalances are naturally and safely restored to provide much needed relief. This type of menopause cream is made from natural plant extracts, typically the wild yam and is very effective at duplicating the hormones the body is losing. The result is less intense, unpleasant PMS symptoms.

There isn’t much about the symptoms of menopause that is fair and continuing to have periods is just another example. Like the PMS symptoms mentioned above, many women have periods during their transition. In some cases they are fewer and further between, but others actually experience more frequent, heavier periods because of the hormone changes. As menopause problems go this one is relatively minor compared to hot flashes and unexplained weight gain or loss.

No one is sure if women or men think a lowered sex drive is worse. Unfortunately a woman’s libido is often affected by the hormone changes taking place. Like with the other symptoms, progesterone cream helps to regulate the body’s chemical hormone levels and prevent vaginal dryness and other issues that lead to a decreased sex drive.

Choosing to use a natural progesterone cream instead of hormone replacement therapy is a personal choice. Many women find this natural method easier to adjust to and without the often unpleasant side effects of HRT. Hot Flash Freedom is one such progesterone cream to help relieve your symptoms. It is effective from the premenopause stage all the way through post menopause events.