Herbal Menopause Remedies

Women in menopause often forget that there are other options to hormone replacement therapy. It’s easy to see why this happens when you consider that all of the body’s changes are working together to cause some unpleasant symptoms. It only makes sense to reach for the conventional treatment methods. However menopause herbal remedies have a lot going for them and more and more women are choosing to avoid synthetic hormones and restore hormone balance the natural way. Here are just a few of the menopause symptoms natural herbal remedies can help with.

  • vaginal dryness
  • regulate thyroid menopause issues
  • control menopause sweating and hot flashes

Experiencing vaginal dryness during menopause and after isn’t uncommon. With the natural decrease of reproduction hormones, the body’s ability to produce natural lubrication decreases as does sexual drive. The result is painful sex or no sex at all. With an herbal remedy, like wild yam therapy, the body receives bio identical hormones that restore sexual desire and help the body eliminate the effects of vaginal dryness. As a menopause treatment, progesterone cream is vital in giving you the romantic side of your life back.

The thyroid glands control many different aspects of our body’s functions and health. It’s amazing how closely the various systems of the body are affected by each other. Natural, herbal treatments for menopause help to reestablish the metabolic function that controls weight gain or loss and helps to improve the function of the immune system. Both are incredibly important in maintaining good health during menopause and throughout life. This is crucial in the process to stop menopause symptoms like decreased energy and weight gain.

During menopause sweating at night or experiencing hot flashes is common. The night time sweating and panic attacks are very disturbing to REM sleep and the body’s ability to restore itself. Hot flashes are similar and occur during the day. Many women report that their feelings of panic are directly related to a fear of someone noticing in public. In addition to eating well and practicing relaxation techniques, natural sources of hormones are incredibly beneficial in limiting the occurrences of night sweats and hot flashes.

If you choose to use herbal menopause remedies, you are giving yourself the chance to treat your symptoms without the risk of synthetic hormones. Hot Flash Freedom is a progesterone cream that can