A Natural Menopause Treatment

Contrary to popular belief, hormone replacement therapy isn’t the only option out there for women who need relief from the common menopause symptoms. With all of the less than complementary information being publicized about HRT it makes sense that more and more women are choosing a natural menopause treatment. One of the most sought-after treatments currently is progesterone cream. Derived from the all natural wild yam extract, this cream effective at reducing many of the unpleasant side effects related to perimenopause and menopause. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect to receive from using this type of product.

  • relief from menopause sweating
  • help regulate menopause weight gain
  • restore energy balances
  • other benefits

It’s not likely that there is a woman alive who hasn’t heard of night sweats or hot flashes associated with menopause. These two symptoms alone can result in menopause tiredness and depression from a lack of energy. Progesterone cream can help restore the natural hormone balances and relieve many of the symptoms of these unpleasant occurrences. While menopause is a natural, normal occurrence, it certainly doesn’t feel that way to the woman involved and anything you can do to safely relieve the symptoms is worth the time and effort.

Weight gain is another one of those unfortunate things that often happens during the change of life. While it is true that some women actually experience a significant weight loss during menopause, the dramatic reduction of naturally produced hormones usually has the opposite effect. Not only is weight gain unhealthy overall, it is also emotionally upsetting to the woman and can lead to feelings of depression during an already trying time.

Throughout your life there have been specific times when you need more energy than others. Menopause is one of those times. The body always requires more energy when it is going through a significant change. Your body needs rest and to have normal sleep cycles working effectively. A progesterone cream can make that happen.

Using a natural menopause treatment like progesterone cream is also helpful for relieving vaginal bleeding that sometimes occurs after menopause and sore breasts. Menopause can be successfully handled with the right tools. Hot Flash Freedom is a progesterone cream that is effective for menopause and as a PMS treatment. No longer are women required to suffer in silence and simply live with their symptoms. Now, there are choices.