The Facts On Menopause

Over the generations there have been countless tasteless jokes made about the change of a woman’s life referred to as menopause. The myth is that a woman is no longer desirable, ages quickly, and has horrible mood swings during this natural process. It is true that a reduction of estrogen can temporarily cause some unpleasant side effects like hot flashes, a depressed mood, and weight gain or loss. Like any life altering event, the more you know about menopause and how to take care of yourself, the better you will weather this passing storm.

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There are several factors that come into play when trying to determine when menopause will begin for a specific woman. Family heredity often influences when you will approach this milestone. For example if your mother was menstruating until her late 40s or beyond, the chances are good you will too. Other factors like women’s health can influence menopause. Certain disorders and diseases of the reproductive system can result in a hysterectomy at a young age and change what nature intended. With no external influences, like illness, the average of menopause onset is 45 to 60.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the menopause transition doesn’t happen overnight. The decrease in estrogen and other reproductive hormones can go on for two to eight years. It all depends on the individual woman and how her body works. Some women are fortunate enough to pass through this time in their lives relatively symptom free, while others have a hard time with hot flashes, fatigue, and very often depression. The important thing regardless of how you are handling all of the changes is to seek and get the help and support you need.

For a woman in menopause, there are several preventative steps she can take to safeguard her own health and well being. Continuing to eat right and get proper exercise can dramatically influence how she feels from day to day. Doing everything possible to get the required amount of sleep is tremendously important as well. Above all else, the menopausal woman must be sure to continue to enjoy her hobbies and enjoy life. It isn’t an ending, it’s a new beginning.

Menopause can be gotten through with minimal damage to your well being. From the beginning of perimenopause through the process’s completion, take care of yourself and try an all natural product like Hot Flash Freedom to limit the stress of the common symptoms.