Combating Progesterone Acne and Other Symptoms

When you are dealing with the side effects of progesterone loss, progesterone acne is just one of your problems. It is amazing how many different normal bodily functions are affected by imbalanced hormones. For generations, it was thought that women’s complaints about their health were all in their heads or just a way to get attention. Thankfully, we all know now that many of the common symptoms that affect women are caused by progesterone imbalance.

If the hormone imbalance isn’t treated though, the symptoms and problems can go from being only physical to emotional. Here are a few of the progesterone loss symptoms that decrease a woman’s satisfaction in life and limit her self esteem.

  • progesterone and weight gain
  • progesterone and acne
  • progesterone and decreased libido

No one likes to gain weight, especially if the problem isn’t your eating habits, but how your body metabolizes the food due to a hormone imbalance. Almost everyone expects some weight gain as they get older, but when it becomes impossible to lose the extra pounds, a woman’s self esteem and feeling of self worth can be severely compromised. For many women the negative feelings lead to depression, which leads to stress eating and more additional weight. Many women in this situation are turning to a progest cream to combat the effects of progesterone imbalance.

If you avoid the weight gain trap, good for you. Hopefully your facial skin survives the experience as well. It is common for a progesterone loss to cause acne. It’s the same philosophy that dictates teenage acne. It is all caused by hormonal changes and imbalances. Of course during the teenage the changes are normal and part of growing up. For adults, the changes may be normal, but they can be better controlled. Controlling acne is only one of the progesterone cream benefits.

Especially for a woman in an intimate relationship, a decreased libido is a problem. It limits her ability to be close to her partner and can cause serious relationship issues. Her feelings of negative self worth bleed into her intimate relationship. Balancing the progesterone levels in the body with progesterone cream, or serenity cream as its known by satisfied users is a step in the right direction.

With a loss of progesterone, acne, weight gain, and a lack of sexual desire can all be controlled and you can regain your life. Hot Flash Freedom is an excellent product for balancing your hormone levels. This progesterone cream is all natural and safe for you to use.