The Effects of Progesterone Imbalance

If you are a woman progesterone is something you should know about. It’s a vitally important hormone that must remain balanced to ensure you are at your best and your health is protected. When this hormone isn’t produced at the levels necessary, some unpleasant side effects can make your life truly unpleasant. Your doctor may recommend hormone replacement therapy or other chemically based solutions. Fortunately, you can take control of your own body and treat the adverse effects safely and naturally. First, let’s take a look at some of the ways progesterone imbalance can affect your life.

  • progesterone acne
  • progesterone weight gain
  • progesterone and fertility

Picture it; you’re sailing along through life just fine. When suddenly your face looks like you’re back in high school again. Whoever said acne is only a problem in the teenage years has never experienced a hormone problem. Come to think of it, acne and pimples occur in the teenage years due to the body trying to regulate hormones too. A lack of progesterone in your system can cause your face and body to break out and, in some cases, the acne can be so bad as to cause scarring. Obviously this problem needs to be dealt with immediately. A pro gest cream is one of the safest ways to restore balance and save your skin.

As if acne weren’t bad enough, a hormonal imbalance can also cause you to gain weight for no apparent reason. It is amazing how one seemingly small blimp on the screen of your health can affect so many different things. One drawback to this type of weight gain is that until the hormonal imbalance is corrected, you won’t be able to take the excess weight off again. The underlying problem must be fixed first.

Far more important than acne or a few extra pounds, is the possibility of sacrificing your fertility to the altar of progesterone imbalance. Without the correct balance for you, it can be more difficult to conceive a child or handle the symptoms of menopause. When you consider that progesterone is essential in releasing the egg for conception, any limit on your ability to effectively do so is a threat to your fertility. A pregnancy progesterone cream can help you balance the odds and become pregnant if that is your wish.

Progesterone levels can be returned to normal with the use of a product like Hot Flash Freedom. This pro gest cream is an all natural way to improve the hormone balance in your system.