Phytoestrogen Cream

Many people are under the assumption that the only time a woman would need a phytoestrogen cream is during menopause. This assumption is incorrect. Anytime there is a hormonal imbalance, regulating those hormones is very important to a woman’s health. Pregnancy, birth control, as well as menopause, are all times when it may be necessary to correct an imbalance. All of those occasions can create very similar symptoms. A progesterone cream USP can be used to help relieve the symptoms just like these regardless of what time in life they occur for a woman.

  • skin conditions
  • urinary incontinence
  • painful intercourse and low libido

There are many women and people in general who are unaware of how important hormones are in overall health. For some women a hormonal imbalance can spell skin disaster. Acne and severe blemishes aren’t uncommon. If a woman already has problems with eczema or psoriasis those conditions can become more severe. Treating yourself with a natural estrogen cream can help you avoid those unpleasant side effects of progesterone loss.

It is a long standing joke that pregnant women can’t control their bladders. Of course it really isn’t funny to the lady dealing with urinary incontinence. In the later part of the pregnancy, it makes sense for this to happen due to the weight of the baby and uterus on the bladder. When it occurs earlier in the pregnancy, it is the mark of a hormonal imbalance and can be treated. Pregnancy isn’t the only time this can happen to a woman. Menopause and perimenopause are culprits as well. Using natural sources, progesterone cream can help diminish this embarrassing effect of hormone imbalance. Taking care of urinary incontinence is important. After all who wants to wear a pad or adult diaper?

Complaints abound from both men and women about the lack of sex drive a hormone imbalance can create. When you compound that with the pain that sometimes accompanies the act, many women will do anything to avoid it. It’s not like you can blame them. However sex and intimacy with your partner is a vital part of a healthy relationship and not something you should miss. Regaining this part of your life is one of the biggest progesterone cream benefits.

These are some very good reasons for choosing to use a phytoestrogen cream. Hot Flash Freedom is an excellent choice of a natural progesterone cream. Women are finding a lot of relief with this product. The best part is it isn’t hard to learn how to use progesterone cream and the benefits are tremendous.