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Should You Use Progesterone Cream During Menopause

The use of progesterone cream from a compounding pharmacy at the behest of a physician is not unheard of. Considered advantageous for perimenopausal women who seek to lessen menopausal symptoms that make them uncomfortable, the fact that a progesterone deficiency could be undone with as little as a cream is in and of itself rather  … Read more

Safe Alternatives for Women Dealing With Progesterone Deficiency

A progesterone deficiency is most commonly associated with hormonal imbalance symptoms seen in perimenopausal women. Sometimes this deficiency is experienced after an endometrial ablation while at other times it is part and parcel of induced menopause following on the heels of a vaginal hysterectomy. Some women also experience progesterone deficiency when menopausal symptoms such as  … Read more

The Many Faces Of Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

That which is quite flippantly referred to as “going hormonal” is in reality a very serious underlying cause of one of the major bodily changes a woman will undergo while consciously aware of her body’s changing. Quite generally speaking, there are two major branches of hormonal imbalance symptoms. The first branch includes the following symptoms:  … Read more

Hormone Replacement Therapy Benefits And Risks

Hormone replacement therapy has been helping women to find relief from menopause symptoms for over sixty years. It is the most effective treatment available for symptom relief. With any medication or treatment there are benefits as well as some risks and side effects. Below is a list of Benefits that women receive from hormone replacement  … Read more

Periods And Bleeding After Menopause

After menopause your period should have ceased and any bleeding should be brought to the attention of your physician. It could be a harmless effect from a pelvic exam or sexual intercourse. Since the vagina experiences changes in its elastic, it becomes dry and thin and is then susceptible to tearing and bleeding. The vaginal  … Read more

The Physical And Emotional Signs Of Early Menopause

The signs of early menopause can be placed in two categories that are physical signs and emotional signs. Each of these signs signals the changes in a woman’s body. These signs show that the body is preparing to cease in the production of the hormone estrogen. If you look up the meaning of menopause this  … Read more

The Four Main Causes Of Early Menopause

Early menopause occurs between the ages of 20 to 40. There are four main causes for early menopause, which includes premature ovarian failure, Perimenopause, Surgical menopause and Chemotherapy or radiation, causes. Below each of these causes and early menopause signs will be discussed in greater detail. Premature Ovarian Failure The cause of POF can be  … Read more

Treatments Available For Menopause Excessive Bleeding

Excessive bleeding is not always a part of menopause, but there are many women who have experienced this. Excessive bleeding can be a cause of the vaginal changes that occur with the loss of estrogen during menopause. Experiencing menopause early causes you to deal with this longer than others. The vaginal lining becomes dry, less  … Read more

Symptoms Of Primenopause And Menopause

Symptoms Of Primenopause And Menopause There are symptoms for both primenopasue and menopause. Primneopause is the preceding cycle that occurs as the female body begins to produce less estrogen and the hormones begin to fluctuate. Primenopause happens in an average any where between thirty and forty years of age. Primenopause can occur ten to fifteen  … Read more

The Cause Of Mood Swings During Menopause

During menopause you can begin to feel that life is becoming an emotional roller coaster ride. One minute you are up, cheery and positive, with a smile upon your face. The next minute you are down, crying because your stocking has a hole in it. Menopause makes our moods seam out of control. This can  … Read more