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Common Menopause Symptoms

It is hard to understand menopause symptoms until you experience them. For each and every woman the experience is different. Some have extreme symptoms that make it nearly impossible for them to function in their normal lives, while others seem to take it in stride and have little to no disruptive symptoms. The difference mainly  … Read more

The Facts on Perimenopause

All of the ladies out there are no doubt aware that there are certain medical events that happen to them and not their male counterparts. Unfortunately a lack of understanding about perimenopause and actual menopause often make this time period more trying than it has to be. Most people of both genders are familiar with  … Read more

The Facts On Menopause

Over the generations there have been countless tasteless jokes made about the change of a woman’s life referred to as menopause. The myth is that a woman is no longer desirable, ages quickly, and has horrible mood swings during this natural process. It is true that a reduction of estrogen can temporarily cause some unpleasant  … Read more